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  1. Cheers everybody, and good luck also to Kimmie at Uni, Are you starting this year?
  2. See its like i always said, if you listen to something enough it will grow on you. I think its good we've got something new to listen to, and i understand everyones opinion on the song but i think its quite good and something different, which is never that bad.
  3. [quote=sonic1988,Sep 12 2004, 06:17 PM]alright thanks for lettin' me know!! but knowin' will it will be in the winter months all his solo albums were released in winter months If i'm not mistaken[/quote] Except Born To Reign yes. I enjoy Will Smith musical winters tho :roll: Always something to brighten your dismal winter weather with.
  4. [quote=Jonny 5,Sep 12 2004, 02:25 PM]Wham! - Wake me up before you go-go awesome feel good song from the 80's[/quote] Camp Partay Classic :roll:
  5. In other words us cheeky peeps (hint hint) would like a downloadable copy if that is okay Tim. You can see where we are coming from can't you buddy. Its not like we don't own BTR anyway. :thumb:
  6. [quote=Prince,Sep 12 2004, 08:22 AM]Guests (un-registed) can view almost all of the forums too. I'm forever seeing guests online and viewing posts... I think Tim should make it so that the board cannot be viewed by guests at all apart from maybe one section, such as this one (So Fresh). When people can just read posts, it doesn't encourage them to register. I think you would get more people posting if this was done... Just my £0.02... Hey, where is Tim anyway?[/quote] Well on the old board i was actually the same for a while. I visted the forums a fair bit before i finally signed up and started posting. Not sure why, maybe its quite intimidating for new people to sign up cos they think we are such a close community that thye wouldn't feel welcome. So this goes out to anyone who thinks like that WE WELCOME ANYBODY NEW TO THE BOARD WITH OPEN ARMS
  7. Cheers Prince, 2 years of Uni Down, 2 years to go. :clap:
  8. Since nine lucky people before me have reached this milestone, im not gonna go on too much, but i thought I'd just point out i reached 500, and made it to the top 10 posters list. Since I'll be off soon back to uni and wont be posting much i thought this was quite a good target to reach before i went back. Thanks to everyone, your all like family to me now. KevTastic
  9. [quote=Jazzy Julie,Sep 12 2004, 09:51 AM]yeah when i listen to homebase in the winter i skip the track, actually i usually skip the track coz ive heard it so many times. When u know every single word, thats when its time to give it a rest 4 a bit.[/quote] I'd have to disagree, this is one of the only songs where I've never got sick of it. There are a few songs that i used to love that just don't appeal to me as much anymore, but Summertime has been my favourite song since 1998.
  10. Its mazing, i was looking through the complete list of members, and there are soo many pages of members who just havent posted before. I just really think whats the point, or even worse that these people may read every post we all make but never post themselves. THEY KNOW WHO WE ARE AND ALL ABOUT US :cya: Scary Stuff
  11. [quote=Kimmie,Sep 12 2004, 05:59 AM]im probably postin this in the wrong place but....julie i saw a giant poster advertising jeff in lpool...:'( have u tried everywhere for tickets?[/quote] I'm thinking that maybe you shud search online for last minute tickets, or enter as many local competitions as possible to win Tickets (If there are any.) Good Luck Kimmie & Julie.
  12. Yeh i know its cheeky to ask but i don't have that song either.
  13. Pumpin Summertime in a car is always a blessing, and yes i too will be playing it during the Winter aswell :roll: ENJOY THE AUTUMN EVERYBODY,
  14. Well they all have similar sounding voices so i can understand why you thought that Cookies. Myabe AJ's right tho about BTR not doing them justice cos i can imagine them being a good group live doing their own thing.
  15. [quote=DevilsJim89,Sep 10 2004, 11:22 PM]Brand New Funk...this was the video version and the better version in my opinon. Jeff scratches more and better.[/quote] Well actually im not sure but on the vid its just the original album scratching and then some more dubbed over. It sounds like he wasn't doing all of it at once. Not doubting Jeff's Skillz at all thats just the way it sounds to me.
  16. 3 years but it still seems so recently. I came home from college in the afternoon when it was all going on (2pm here was 9am in the US) My Sis was still in bed (lazy) and Me my Mum and Her were in her bedroom watching it. I actually filmed us in the room watching it on my camcorder and still have the tape. RIP everybody who tragically died in this travesty.
  17. [quote=mfuqua23,Sep 10 2004, 01:38 PM]Dah Well. I seen Tatyana Ali and Sex in the same topic and just hoped 4 the best. Maybe one day. Is she still fine?[/quote] Yes she still is fine. :roll: Not to sound seedy or anything
  18. Bringing all the hype back now. Who knows the vid may be weeks/months away from going on TV. Maybe the single won't be released for a while now, maybe a few weeks before the album. Lets hope not but it could be true.
  19. [quote=3cookies,Sep 10 2004, 04:44 PM][font="Arial"][color=blue]I usually hear Summertyme alot too...but maybe it was contributed to me being preoccupied with other things...lol...but NEXT summer...imma just break out my OWN copy of Summertyme...and 4GET the radios! hahaha peace, 3cookies[/color][/font][/quote] Screw That Cookies, waittilo a sunny day comes along and extend the end of your summer right now. :switch: We've been lucky this September in the UK, its been well warm. Makes up for our rather inconsistant weather during July & August KEEP THE SUMMER ALIVE PEOPLE, go put thet track on right now, it'll make you feel good about Autumn coming
  20. Neither have I, i don't think its made much impact outside the US.
  21. Yeh welcome buddy :rock: AJ knows the score with introducing yot to some newer Will Smith tunes you mite like. One Word from me WILLENIUM
  22. There are plenty of online stores that deliver all over the world. Your local Ebay site will bound to have Willenium. Getting B-sides and rarities from forums like this is always good but getting album tracks is abit cheaky. I understand how much you want to here this song tho, so we are always on about it :roll:
  23. Sounds good Kimmie, you'll probably beat me to it the rate your going at. Plus im only around for constant forum visiting for the next couple of weeks. My aim is to reach the overall top 10 posters board before i dissapear.
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