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  1. i don't understand why will said that switch come out on september,and today is 28,we haven't heard nothing if he don't know when single come out,he shouldn't say nothin!!!! problems with record label??????? all i know is he said on july switch come in 6 weeks and nothing,then he said that come on september and nothing!!!why????? i'm worried!!!!!!!!!
  2. man!!!!!!!!!i don't wrote this post to you!!!!!!hahahahaha,was to all people that diss will!!!!not you!!!!i said "perry u know rap"as a question,because i want to ask you why ppl diss a basic rhyme scheme.well my english is not very well and i think you dont understand me.sorry because that post go for the haters,not you man!and not to forum's ppl,just to haters in the game!! hey what's the meaning of flawlessy???? and perry what track of FP dou you think is more hard to perform????
  3. Well but the fact of have a basic rhyme style is not bad!!!!!i like will's flow,he had a basic style because he is an old school rapper!!!!hey Perry you know rap,biz markie have a very basic rhyme style too,more than will,but the fact is if you have simply rhyme scheme and you do it well(or very well like will)you are a good rapper,who is best???FP or Asheru,well the answer is that are different. u can rap about love,politics,party,many more,its a versatile game,will can rap about whatever he want because he has skill,rhyme scheme is something about everyone,and ppl who dont have skill or ideas had to diss people. so my thing if u cant say nothin nice....don't say nothing!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate jealous ppl!!!!!!!! Fp is one of the greatest!!!!!!! Hope for new single and album peace
  4. i don't know why ppl diss will's rhyme style
  5. Q pasa Victor bienvenido tio,yo soy javi,sandy y yo somos de Madrid tb!!!!
  6. hey 3cookies, why will's body impress you to much now??????all we know that since training of ALI will's body is more musculated,don't see bad boys 2????why do you impress with i robot?lol anyway i like more will's look on last season of fresh prince,because now if will get lazy or leave training,he become "fat".lol
  7. yeah these track!!!!!!but do u remember what say to Will???who is the rapper???because he isn't 50 cent,i'm spanish and don't understand what say to will!!
  8. hey i've a diss track to ice cube,snoop dogg,mack10,and will smith among others,and i want you can heard it,to know what u think about it,but i don't know how to put it on here,in the forum,can anybody say me how to put a song here??????????? the track's name "the truth" and i'm not sure but i think that start with a dialog of a will's movie
  9. hey on the other site of will smith say that new album name is TBL. TBL????WHAT IS IT?????
  10. yes pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  11. hey have u got any influences of Fresh prince in your rhyming??????if not, wich are your influences????
  12. hey this site is great!!!!!really cool,one of the best i've have seen but man on the video set,the performace on today show 2002,i can't get it!!!its a link to other page
  13. From when ludacris its a fan of jjfp man???i've never heard it
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