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  1. Dis aint Brotha Luigie, neither Da Homeboyz// Just the citizen Luis, writin for all his girls n boyz// When im bad, they help me stand up// When im alright, they celebrate wit a "Word Up"// Can't find da rhymes in dis lines
  2. Really like it, props to you. Rhyme sheme is weird like you said, but it all rite cos' the verses are good.
  3. I think trey has to work harder. I really like pak's verse
  4. Loco


    What I can'T stand about reggeatonis, that the drumset is always the same. But I have to say it's realy danceable.
  5. I think Lloyd Banks is a very talented artist and I really liked his 1st album. So LL & Lloyd Banks sounds good in my ear. The only problem is 50.
  6. Yeah, but i don't do nuttin if I can't give 100%
  7. but if you can't record as loud as you want, why you record it?
  8. thx the audio will come
  9. don't realy like it but it's just an opinion.
  10. The chorus is from Dax. He's a multitalent, a great singer and rapper.
  11. I listened to ya beats on your space and I love em. So here's my ICQ 306-852-851. Add me and we can talk about the collabo.
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