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  1. Yeah i sometime search my name, that or KevTastic and there isn't much on that except stuff about me. and of course Sensible MoM Productions and i think i have the whole web wrapped up for that name.
  2. I was cheering for The Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero mostly, and of course the Divas :roll:
  3. I'm going music buying mad at the mo, buying an album every week or so. Loving some new music lately, just a shame apart from the new De La Soul album there isn't any hiphop im buying at the mo. ust gets me more psyched up for the Will Smith realease.
  4. I've just been buying so many albums over the last two weeks. HMV's sale doesn't help. Green Day - American Idiot LL Cool J - All World (bit of a greatest hits) Blur - The Best Of Jimmy Eat World - Futures De La Soul - The Grind Date Loving them all, now i gotta lay off buying new albums for a while,
  5. What makes u think we are all from the UK. We get our fair share of remixes too. Holla Back (IN YOUR FACE) :roll:
  6. This may not be big to y'all in the US, but i went to see a Smackdown show live last night, it was ace. Its not the first time i've been to one but this time we had good seats. Good to see them doing a lot of show around Europe
  7. I can't believe i missed that show. i gotta get online more now that im at uni. Sheffield is only a 40 minute train ride form my uni and i would have definately gone to that. :bang:
  8. Well other than it having New Kids On The Block track by JJ+FP its not worth it unless you like old skool rare tunes. I'll re-phrase that then, if your not just after the JJFP song, then get it in if it aint too expensive :roll:
  9. Jeff & Jermaine Defoe presenting awards, what more could i want.
  10. WWW was alrite, i own it for one, there just is better Will films. The songs still ace tho
  11. [quote=JamesUK,Oct 1 2004, 07:36 AM]holy crap!!! shola!! :rock: :rock: :rock: when she first came out.. i loved her!! i got he first 3 singles(still got em) and the album which wasnt as good as the singles.. youuu miggght neeed sommeeeboddyyyy... anyway i was wondering what ever happened to her..and a few months ago i read that she became a crack addict!! and she was only 17 when that 1st album dropped :scared2: damn she was really fine 2...[/quote] Well i got her first album, which was pretty cool, and heard her second around late 1999 time which wasn't as good. She hasn't really been heard of for the last 4 years up until this song "You Should Really Know" So maybe its true about the whole Crack Addict thing. Good to see her back on the music train then, even if it is on crappy naswer back records (they annoy me cos they are only made for cash ins.) Lets just hope she's working on some new material of her own.
  12. See i saw it, but didn't realise it was a repeat of Mondays, they just said Jazzy Jeff will be here on Friday so i assumed it was put back a week. maybe we'll get lucky and they'll show Friday's show today, or atleast clips of the recording to make up for their mess up.
  13. I like both designs so far, especially the baseball shirt one. Tim, im sure whatever the final one you decide will be best and i'll defo get one.
  14. is there anyway way you could keep this downloadable for a couple more weeks til i get back home to Kettering. I can't download stuff on the uni computers you see. Darn Rules
  15. I lIve in Sunny Kettering, Northants, UK Any UK folks wonder where the hell it is, then follow this rather long link that i hope works [url="http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?client=public&X=500000&Y=500000&width=500&height=300&gride=487068&gridn=279360&srec=0&coordsys=gb&db=pc&addr1=&addr2=&addr3=&pc=NN168QR&advanced=&local=&localinfosel=&kw=&inmap=&table=&ovtype=&zm=1&scale=4000000"]http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?cli...1&scale=4000000[/url]
  16. What time is it: 12.15pm Name: Kevin E Tasker Age: 20 Birthday: 24/05/1984 Race: White Sex: male Height: 5ft 11 Zodiac Sign: Gemini What Are You Known For: As Brother of Gen Tasker, Local DJ, Film maker Where Are You From: Kettering UK Where Are You Now: Derby UK What Type of Person Are You: Friendly, Social, Laid Back What would you change about yourself: Confidence Best Thing About You: Trying to make people smile Describe Yourself in 3 Words. Loyal, Friendly, Lazy What do you find Sexy in a Mate: Cuteness, Smile, Eyes First Love: Well i did think i was in love with Daniella Orsini, but i grew up and realised i never was First Person You Got it on with: Daniella Orsini I wanna get with....: Catherin Daff I Wish I Could Get Back With...: Nobody Favorite Artist (Male): Will Smith Favorite Artist (Female): Shola Ama Favorite Album: Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American Least Favorite Artist: DJ Casper If you could marry one celeb, who?: Christina Milian Who would you change lives with: Wayne Rooney (Most of you won't know who he is) What Type of Car Do You Wish You Had: One that works Where Do You Work: DJ at my local Pub Where You Go to School: University Of Derby What Do You Do on The Weekends: Watch Tv, Play Football, Go out for a few drinks Hobbies?: Football, Filmmaking, DJ-ing, Socialising Most Embarrasing Fact: Someone nicking my diary when i was 14 and spreading stuff in it Most Memorable Moment: Kissing Daniella Orsini for the first time Sexiest Celebrity(s): Christina Milian, Torrie Wilson, Favorite Movie(s): Enemy of The State, The Shawshank Redemption, American Pie Favorite Actor: Tom Hanks Favorite Actress: ??? Don't really have one Favorite Sport(s): Football (Soccer) Favorite Team(s): Tottenham Hotspur FC Favorite Player(s): Ledley King, Jermaine Defoe Biggest Wish: To Have enough money to start my own Film Company Biggest Fear: Haveing to work trashy jobs just to get by in life What time is it now: 12.24pm
  17. WOOOOHOOO, we just got NTL in our house in Derby (Got Sky at home in Kettering anyway) So i'll get to watch it. Im gonna go check the MTV site in abit to see if we can email questions to him.
  18. I actually made my own T-shirt with them t-shirt transfer paper you can buy. It has the red DJ JazzyJeff & The Fresh Prince writing/logo from this website on the front and the round code red logo in light grey small on the back. I've wore it a few times but the transfer paper isn't great and the wear and tear on it begins to show after half a dozen washes or so.
  19. wow 20,000. Thats pretty good. How the hell do we keep coming up with stuff to say with Will tormenting us with new tunes that just aren't out yet
  20. Oh well, maybe a better chat next time. I still enjoyed chatting with Julie bout how cool college life was when you were 16. Someone arrange a Christmas Chat, maybe not now, but at somepoint.
  21. Yo Tim, back for a quick visit in a very crowded computer suite. Is that a new album by De La Soul? Defo get my hands on it if it is.
  22. [quote=pauleywood,Sep 21 2004, 08:33 PM]Jimmy Eat World - Futures[/quote] You have that already, I didn't think it was out yet? Defo get it when its out
  23. Still waiting for the first here in the UK :bang:
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