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  1. wow our birthdays are the same day? :D cool! glad you had a good birthday, welcome to adulthood!
  2. lol shush you! hopefully after uni we will hav jobs...well thats the dream anyway! and heeeeeeey ur in some form of college anyway, ok yeh u work...but ur still a student in some form!
  3. yup im goin back soon...tho im not quite sure when lol, im so disorganised. think its after next week coz thats freshers week. cant believe im already into 2nd year :O last year went SO fast!
  4. wow i just realised how long my thumb looks in that picture, either that or its the way the pic has stretched weirdly...
  5. and as julie returns, so do i...only i bring pictures with me...this time I am the one who shall post the stupid pictures and julie can find them later, mwhahahahaha we shall start off with some nice ones; http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y287/shim...ie/paris/aw.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y287/shim...paris/friar.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y287/shim...e/paris/red.jpg i'll do some more later when i upload them ;) Julie took off the other pictures :( she's no fun!
  6. Smooooooooth! lmao, thats great! julie's recordings do hav other uses apart from will smith related stuff :P
  7. hey ju, im more of a loser than u, ok u had ben...but come on what hav i had...zilch! i dont class dave as a bf, never had! and all the other crap thats happened can hardly be good for me mentally lol!
  8. hiya! i only pop in occasionally to see whats going on :)
  9. wow was it Kim and Jim's bday on the saem day? hahaha happy belated birthday fellow leo/6th of august/rhyming name guy :)
  10. scallies in their lime clothes and their orange faces...oooh they are like a tic tack!
  11. dya know what makes me laugh...that he will be wearing a green suit at lime street...yeh i think the scalls would either beat him up, or adopt him as their own! whatcha think ju?
  12. can ur gf find herself in any of the pictures on the official website?? go to gallery, then events then search thru the pages!! hehe http://www.digitalsportsuk.co.uk/ hahaha u can see the first page of cheer is actually the foxes doin a mad pose, lmao!
  13. yeh vicky said we came 2nd in cheer but didnt get anything in dance...i had work all weekend coz i started my new job so i couldnt do it...plus yeh its the holidays and i havnt got the money to travel by myself to wherever it was...miles away! perhaps one day i'll see ya...not sure tho coz i might just not do the comps...too much hassle!
  14. it was only a very quick meet..like omg hi, sign this...but hey! just to be in his presence...
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