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  1. guess ur gonna have to stab ur cpu then :kekeke:
  2. i think everyone deleted the leicester square vid from their servers
  3. cant have em in order, but Bad Boys Bad Boys II Men In Black Men In Black II I, Robot Independence Day Lion King 1/2 Good Morning Vietnam Elf Titanic Home Alone 2 The Matrix Supersize Me Pearl Harbor The Sum of All Fears Scary Movie 3 Scary Movie 2 Mean Girls AI Pay It Forward Armageddon .... i cant remember all my others, im at school right now, lol
  4. i love the chorus in twinkle twinkle, jeff's voice sounds really cool in that one
  5. man that is so dumb, i cant believe that ppl would think of doing those type of things
  6. i never really liked ushers voice that much. i picked up both 8701 ( i think thats what it was called) and confessions, but i didnt like them much. i liked 'stand up' by ludacris though.
  7. man, if u decide to put ur album out to ppl on the site that would be great!! pls send one to me if u decide to m ake it free tho... :thumb:
  8. im soooo excited, i didnt know the releasedate was so close!!! after christmas... damn its gonna be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rock:
  9. the lose my breath remix was ok, you didnt come out real clear on that one though you didnt really come out clear (maybe it ws cossa i listened to it on low fi) but it was cool man, i liked the why girl one.
  10. this is just like last time at the music awards thingy that advertised a 'special performance by an A-lister'... that turned out to be jamie foxx :dunno: but pleassseee make it will :bowdown:
  11. remixes are always better than original... my opinion :thumb:
  12. are u serious? :scared2: i always thought cos it was will's second single from bws it was a hit. now i know i wasnt the only one that didnt like freakin it,lol. :sonny:
  13. lol!!! :hilarious: they probably would, huh!!
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY good age ur turning too :thumb:
  15. man its weird, he kinda looks like ben affleck when he smiles like that. also his hair too... lol
  16. i've never heard of 'it's all good', is it on onna his albums?? i think that freakin' it is the most overrated. i've never liked it, lol.
  17. click here to download the mp3 version of the interview Rick Dees mp3 version I recorded the interview in segments, cos i have a trial of my audio recorder thingy that only lets u record 3 minutes at a time. The parts where it kinda stops is where i put the parts together. i recorded it kinda quick so it isnt that smooth all the way through, but it is kinda handy to have the mp3 version. it's a pretty big file though, like 20 mb. do u guys have any suggestions on how to make it smaller?? :thumb:
  18. hey MJInvincible, where are u from?
  19. i didnt go anywhere, but i heard on the news that a lot of people packed up and left town for thanksgiving. so guys, where have u been, or where are you right now? :switch:
  20. u have to make yourself know to him, man. maybe tim can hook you up or something, he does have connections. :sonny:
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