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  1. :lolsign: Lerkot, man your lucky we never get to watch tv in class
  2. No, cos will should do both, rap and act
  3. i dont know bout that. all the speeches he did after winning awards seemed pretty real and from the heart to me. remember what he said at the world music awards?
  4. yeah without eminem d12 would be nothing... eminem isnt that good either
  5. i dont even know who will's prev. wife is.
  6. i found this at rick dees' website. i havent tried it cos im still downloading the player. i think this was in june 2002, maybe will was promoting born to reign. i dunno you need real player i think here ya go Will Interview with Rick Dees :dj:
  7. That song is growing on me all the time - if the rest of the album is as good it'll be well worth getting a bonus live dvd come with it is that a mix of the 2 songs? which cd is it on?
  8. is the st. jude's hospital in the NYC or somthing? that is so cute tho good thing will did :clap:
  9. maybe krizia heard wrong or something just a suggestion
  10. hm didnt know that never got rock the house thanx though
  11. well when i started listening to will smith i had no idea about jazzy jeff and fresh prince and yeah if will hadnt gotten into movies, then no one probably would know him now, since fpoba was 6 years ago and his last albums werent much. they relied on singles from movies, and without the movies to support the singles they would be flops, which means that few ppl would buy his albums. whew :hilarious:
  12. did u watch the amas? they performed my boo there too
  13. go here to download it you have to scroll down Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince, Ready Rock beatbox just something i found its short and you have to turn the volume up to listen
  14. that doesnt even look like him
  15. well i just searched. but there are probably a lot of people who even though they like will or jeff, they dont care enough to search. thats why we need to promote it. then those people will see it and give the site a visit.
  16. there are a lot of games like the shark tail game, like going around as a character and collecting stuff and getting points
  17. i liked his music he did a buncha remixes and stuff
  18. hey i think we need to get some more publicity for this site. we've all talked about promoting will and jeff stuff that we havent gotten to that (i think). maybe we can put banners or somthing on our websites or go to other forums and put in a good word out what do yall think ideas
  19. well i watched the whole Amas when i shoulda been doing homewok and i got nothin. :bang: anyway do you guys know if will is gonna perform anywhere or do anything to promote switch and the album soon?
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