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  1. yeah you're right, so it will be a shame to let all the tracks like that not be released to us! :clap:
  2. i went to a music store sometime in june and saw nick's album there and i listened to gigolo. i was there to pick up jc chasez's cd, but it had been a long time since i heard somethin bout nick. :touche: but alas i picked up jc's cd instead, which is a hot mix of everything. i read reviews on nick's album and they weren't all that good.
  3. nah, i meant buy it and d/l on your cpu :kekeke: sorry
  4. well if will doesnt ever use the tracks he cut outta the upcoming album, then later on in his career he should release an album containing those tracks. like 2pac, except the dead part
  5. well, i have been trying, i've been trying to learn the theorms postulates and definitions and stuff. i'm having trouble with the proofs. it's like so hard doing the reasons on those. and the teacher doesn't let us abbreviate. :bang: it's weird, because i like him as a teacher. he always says that he expects us to think (lol). he never shows us how to do lessons cos he says we have to think ourselves and not think like him, lol.
  6. oh and another way u could buy albums is on your cell, but i don't know if you can do that in your country, lerkot. i saw and in this corner there for like $9.99 and i didn't see it on amazon. :switch:
  7. ill try watching at school, i dont have a fast enough connection at home :clap:
  8. what do you mean by background? background as in like do i know the stuff well enough? :what:
  9. or maybe we can help him out by uploading some tracks 4 him.. :sonny:
  10. he should release the album with the best tracks then release another album with the unreleased tracks
  11. here's the situation. I am a freshman in high school and im taking geometry. my teacher's name is Mr. Weekes. he is like a genius when it comes to math and stuff. anyway, i have a D in his class, and he says all the freshman who are D and F students should transfer outta geometry and into algera 1 again. should I do it? i mean, my parents really want me in geometry. plus, they dont know I have a D. (heh) weekes says that if i go back in algebra and get an A and get an A all the way thru HS math, then i have a better chance of going to college than if i stay in geometry and struggle. :sad6: :what: so what do you think I should do?? i want good grades and stuff like that. :bowdown:
  12. fish deserves it tho, i dont blame him for wanting to get some dough. :dunno:
  13. thanks a lot!! there haven't been a lot of tracks recently! :rock:
  14. i used to watch nick cannon on nickalodeon when i was little, but i haven't followed up on his album? is it any good?
  15. well I have the dbPowerAMP Music Converter. you just have to download some other small encoder thingys if you want to convert other music files.
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