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  1. there are a buncha goods quotes in here :clap:
  2. i wonder why its released it in the Uk first, maybe they think i'll do better over there or something?
  3. hopefully will performs tonight! im watchin the amas all the way thru !!
  4. damn hes almost the same age as me
  5. how much is that jessica simpson 7-eleven cd?
  6. this may be too obvious but how old is Trey?
  7. actors are funny cos of the things they do and the way they talk and act. Jimmy Fallon is funny just cos he acts so dumb
  8. can u keep the file there for another week or so, because i cant dl it until i get back home thanks
  9. when i first got it it was awesome, the beats were tight, the rhymes were cool but now when i listen to it now it sounds so ... i guess boring is the only word i can come up with. family business is a sleeper it might sound good in the beginning but then you'll probably never hear it again. :kekeke: its a nice album though i'd recommend it
  10. do u guys know when the peoples choice awards is on in the Us?
  11. yeah sharktail was kinda boring even in Imax
  12. i bought kanye's album and i listened to it for like a month then i suddenly got bored with it :dunno:
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