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  1. yeah, ill check that out sometime
  2. do u guys know when will be on 'all of us' on upn again? i havent watched the show that much, but i caught an episode about 3 months ago. :what: maybe today?
  3. yep .. you can d/l a free verion here thanks, ill do it when i get back home from school :thumb:
  4. but then if he doesnt rap people wouldnt want him to present
  5. i think everyone in here thinks that and if we all made a topic stating it then... :lolsign:
  6. kbfprince


    Hey Greg!! nice to know your not just gonna post one and go to the mp3 forum. :thumb: welcome!!!
  7. its too bad they dont have more jjfp songs there tho
  8. which country do u mean when u say 'we'?
  9. if they have the parents video that would still be dope cos ive never seen it :dunno:
  10. well my mom (who is 38) likes eminem, and she isnt into commercial music at all. i think em must be doing at least something right...
  11. heh, man thanks :thumb: the only problem with this is that i had to d/l the winrar thing. do u know if theres a free version??
  12. haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! omg that is sooo funny!!!!! :hilarious:
  13. how can fpoba fans not know about jjfp? i thought they watched it because they liked jjfp. :what:
  14. i didn't know the name mimi sounded like a "man" I'm just saying Vanilla Ice, and MC are mad corny. So does most other common folks i dunno, i like ice ice baby... does that make me an outcast or something??
  15. yeah on oldschoollive.com right? lol i just saw it in the last 50 played and i missed it cuz i went downstairs...im listenin to.. Kool G Rap and DJ Polo - Poison yup oldschoollive. first time i heard it too. :rock:
  16. i assume you're the same guy thats been goin around as a 'guest'. c'mon man, register you scared of identity theft or somethin? :kekeke: lol, j/k man
  17. yeah, that is nice... it has a good vibe to it man... nice job, and i didnt know u did beats too!! :clap:
  18. dont you hear the lyrics in the song, like something along the lines of 'i've got superstition...' ?
  19. nice job on the site!! it has tons of info!! :thumb:
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