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  1. ah its 'Bigger and Deffer' released in 1987
  2. i don't know, i downloaded the mp3. :cya: it sounds like a track he did when he was younger tho
  3. do you guys know how i can download the trailer? i tried with the other link, but all i could do was stream. :what:
  4. woah, i just did ALT TAB, what does it do? :scared2:
  5. i used to really like Will2k, but now its too poppish for me :dunno:
  6. woah, how do u know its june? how can it be june? even tho it'd be a good present for my birthday (hint hint) i cant wait til June, no! :bowdown:
  7. that'll come in handy for me too.... lol j/k, j/k :sonny:
  8. you changed it huh Tim? it looks fresh :switch:
  9. yeah, tierre is awesome!!!! hes as quick as tyron lue. its hilarious to watch him sprint down the floor and go past all those big guys, hes always smaller than the other guys even tho they say hes 6'2. :sonny: i dont even know why they let fish go theres no reason when kobe likes him and everyone in LA likes him. lol :dunno:
  10. heh, i requested so fresh :kekeke:
  11. whoo thats harsh ! :scared2: well i would download switch if it was up, but i would still get fp's album (of course). but i think it would work if we had enough fake copies. if we were to do that, we would have to get to free mp3 sites too cos there are people who dont wanna risk dling kazaa and other p2p. we would have to go to a BUNCHA sites and programs tho...
  12. i think its been 6 weeks .. the single should be coming out soon then!!!!!!!!!! :lolsign: its gotta come out soon, its gonna be christmas and i wanna get the single!!!!
  13. click on it again that helps fix my problems
  14. hey man!! reading your story was fun, even tho i didnt know you b4. man i was thinking bout trying out 4 basketball this yr, but i since i didnt go to a high school near my old middle school i missed the basketball tryouts :sad6: aww well. hope u stay here now :ditto:
  15. i saw brakes did the dvd one, so i thought it'll be cool to see what people on the forum are listening to..... :rock: ill start and just a note im not that old (lol, sorry!), so all the cds i own arent that old they are kinda and poppish. :sonny: :thumb: Will Smith - Greatest Hits JJFP - Code Red Will Smith - Born To Reign Kanye West - The College Dropout Linkin Park - Meteora Linkin Park - Reanimation Linkin Park - Hybird Theory 'N Sync - ' N Sync Blue - Guilty Blue - All Rise (Special Edition) JC Chasez - Schizorphrenic (real dope cd) Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any... John Mayer - Room For Squares Michael Jackson - Invincible Skid Row - Slave To The Grind (onna my dad's CDs its AWESOME) Black Sabbath - Cross Purposes Beastie Boys - To The 5 Boroughs Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane Jay Z - The Black Album Usher - Confessions Usher - 8701 to name a few
  16. since the subject has been brought up again, can i make a request that someone upload it again??? please? i couldnt get it last time :sad6:
  17. hey who says we're obsessed, i just happen to think robot and sharktail were good, man. :nhawong:
  18. cant believe usher's album is on the album of the year list, :dunno: i personally didnt like it
  19. what are u talkin bout man, btr was good, and robot and shartail were good. :thumb:
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