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  1. lol did any1 else read that as Will married his mum...... i was like, what?lol. :lolsign: I think we would have heard about that!!! yes
  2. l think will has done as well in music as he has in his acting career.he has won 4 grammy awards 2 with jeff and 2 on this own and several mtv music video awards.lf you compare will to janet jackson ,she has won 5 grammy awards and will has won 4 grammy awards.you can see how well will has done in his music career.Also ,will has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide.
  3. click here for will smiths tribute site
  4. here is another link also about jadas book click here for link
  5. willow is so cute she looks like a little trey
  6. click on this link for jada and will photos
  7. and where did u get that from??? :sonny: :roll: click on this link-will said mj is innocent
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