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  1. Oh trust me, my friendly rocker. If I start to play dirty, no amount of "getting drank" and whooping can stop me. Getting "skinned" is my middle name, Bossy. So, rock on. :haha: ← Alright!... But remember there be like 10,000 of them fools there!... Yah! The Bossman
  2. Aah, so much stereotyping. Tees are just tees, my dear Wisdom fan. And especially since '99 where rap and rock have fused so much, I wonder if people would hardly give a second thought to outfits. :hmm: ← Is you out your MIND! :spin: I'm telling you... BE COOL!... Them Metal Heads don't play.... Well they do play... They get drank, and they be whooping on each other and liken getting whooped!... I got there at 9:30 am and I ran the hell out of there by 3:00 pm. They was drank, and fighting, and passing out, and moshing, and screaming. The fest went on for another 7 hours... Hell NAW!! Jada and Wicked Wisdom performed, I got them to sign my CD and I ran... Them metal heads be all running around fighting over who can look at Jada and tripping all over each other. One fool ran by me with his elbows and knees all skinned smiling! :smoked: That's just what you want to do... Go ahead and walk in there with a shirt on that say... Rappers Rule! :dontdothat: You better have on some black and roll in the rocks and dirt a few times.:woot: The Bossman
  3. Mr. Smith is Hanging with Ozzfest this Year!.. The end of the world must be near!..... I hope rappers don't commit suicide in mass because of this.... :shakehead: He was there with his wife's band Wicked Wisdom....www.wickedwisdom.net.. He was hanging behind some speakers bumping his head and throwing out the Horns..... Metal Heads where loosing they minds and where moshing on asphalt.. They don't allow metal heads in grass anymore, because when their happy they rip the grass up and throw it at each other.... So skinned elbows and knees is the new thang for metal heads.... Anyways... if you go to Ozzfest to see Mr. Smith... please do not wear rap clothing or the bling bling... Instead wear a black tee shirt and walk around chanting.... Ozzy Rules!.... :2thumbs: Take Care.... The Bossman www.thejadapages.com
  4. How long ago did you send that email to Marz to ask the management? The Bossman :kool:
  5. Marz has been banning people like crazy on WW's board... It was 100 times worse... Now the board gone... I hope they put it back up.... There are some terrible nasty people in this internet world.... The Bossman :sigh:
  6. Alright.... The problem is Jada just had a childrens book and movie come out. Some people are up there being awful! Look how they have been treating them: http://www.wickedwisdom.net/forum/messages..._id=3268&page=6 http://www.wickedwisdom.net/forum/messages...&page=7&tpage=1 I'm very upset about this all! :uhh: The Bossman
  7. Well, I'm positive they know about the old board, because they had to at least look at it's contents b4 it went down. How is it affecting Jada's fans over at WW site tho? To my knowledge, nobody has ever posted anything that would cause a liability for WS, but we do have longtyme fans that would bring us legitimate information & updates , & always include their sources, but as mentioned...nothing ever regarding any sort of "liability" to Will, and or Jada... There's no additional explanation to it, asides wha Wes said,....they want to run it the way they wanna... whats WW link again>? I wanna go chek it out. I never posted over there before... peace, cookie ←
  8. Did somebody get sued or some bull crap like that, over the old website message board? Was there fighting between you regular fans? Did somebody, a fan, do or say somethang that created an unnecessary liablity for Mr. Smith?... SOMEBODY AIN'T TELLING ME SOMETHANG...... TIME TO SPEAK UP!... I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPEN PLEASE! What happened over there is effecting Jada's fans and I would like to know so I can better understand why they treat Jada's fans the way they do. I'm sorry to get all loud, but somebody over here ain't speaking up. Jada's fans are suffering, and I don't like it! The bossman :sigh:
  9. There must be a reason why they won't... soooo what is it? The Bossman
  10. What happened? I new here... I only been in the internet world for about two years.. You talk about an old board... Did ya'll run it? When did Marz or whoever these people are that run willsmith.com come around.... Did somethang happen back then? When I try to contact them it's like talking to a brick wall... Very fustrating.... How long has Marz been around? I have a lot more questions and no one will talk to me.... except you... The Bossman
  11. I feel the same about Wicked Wisdom board. Does anybody know why?... I would like to know?... Is Marz overwhelmed or got a lot of message boards to moderate or what? The Bossman
  12. What's up Fellas... There is love for Jada up in here isn't there? The Bossman :sigh:
  13. HERO AND AJ! I would like to have a private chat with you two. Let me know when a good time is and where we can chat in private. Jada's club has a chat room. http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/thejadaclub/ The Bossman :2thumbs:
  14. OK everyone. Marz came in and kicked butt. Yes Marz saved the day again.. You all better keep a look out for Mr. Smith. These Metal Heads are some real Sickos. The Bossman :wiggle:
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