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    My interests? Will Smith ... of course!

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  1. Yes Yes y'all HAPPY BIRTHDAY Will Smith!!!! Luv ya man, wish ya the very best. So ... get the party started on a sunday night *gg*
  2. Yeah you read right! Tomorrow is Will's Birthday. And mine too :yeah: I'm no kidding ... So tomorrow we can wish Will good luck and many more... cya
  3. i can't see the video coz the damn aol player. can everyone send me the video? plleasssseee..... i would damn right like to see it. please help me.
  4. :thumb: the latest news: will is in germany berlin right now. and he's alone here, jada is at home.
  5. hey guys. i've seen a part from the new vid on his homepage. but not all from the vid. it doesn't work. can everybody send me the vid from will smith? please. i would like to see it. please help me.
  6. okay thx guys. i will try it next time if it works.
  7. hey guys okay i've got the qicktime player but the site doesn't build up by me. it doesn't work. u know? it's hard to explain, i hope u know whatta mean.
  8. hey i can't see the switch video. the site doesn't work by me. please help me. i wanna see it.....HELP :bowdown:
  9. ooooooooooooooooooooh my god it's wow i dunno whatta say. it's unbelievable!!!!!!! thanks so much man
  10. oh my god, it's not true isn't it? what a crab , he's to old .... :lolsign: oh man
  11. if he would give a concert in berlin/germany i would like to hear every song :lolsign: for me it's not so important what he plays, the main point is that he's just there :thumb:
  12. we've to wait long, but the better it will be :lolsign: or what i would like to say *gg* hope you understand it *lol*
  13. can you send it to me next time by msn? or by mail`? please
  14. hey thanks dude ... for the news :thumb:
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