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  1. Will doesnt really have a story line tho, he just gets his wheelchair pushed over and thats it, it was a bit pants really. Will is good, but he doesnt have much of a script to work with lol.
  2. the first 1 has the full version and then the next few have, then it stops 4 a couple of episodes then they play the full version again 4 a few shows, then it stops, dont ask me y this is, but i does. i wish there was a video for the 3 minute version tho that would be cool. im talking rubbish now, its so late!
  3. omg u have to find out where and go. I hope they perform in england i would sell my leg to get tickets to c them, i couldnt dance to them but it would be worth it. ooh i hope they perform new tracks!!!! Im excited now, try and get more info if u can
  4. im gonna go and study what Wills other films took b4 i guess, coz like wild child i dont really pay much attention to how much they make.
  5. aw hero1, not only does he make rare remixes available but he helps ppl get a new album. After hearing every1s reaction i think its unfair to release it over the internet, its gonna annoy a lot of ppl, the ppl that arnt americans know how irritating it is to have to wait 4 stuff for longer, like bb2 and we had to wait 3 months. It will be the same and younger ppl will have to desperatly wait 4 the album to hit the stores,and some ppl will have to wait even longer for it to get to their country.
  6. im definatly goin into a shop 2 order it, but the reason y i havent yet, is bcoz of my almighty plan. I bought Wills solo stuff when they came out coz i was a fan then, but i had to go back and buy his old stuff and bcoz Will takes his sweet time giving us another album, i decided not to buy them all at once, but to buy them over a few years just so i can get a new jjfp album fix. I only have rock the house to get but i will prob get it soon and that will last me until Wills next album. I dunno wot i will do then coz i will have them all, but ppl trying to find it, go into a big record store and just ask them if they can import them 4 u, it only costs a bit more than an ordinary CD and it only takes about 2 weeks to get in.
  7. i love that episode, i'll admit i cry everytime that 1 is on lol. :tear:
  8. im still looking 4 rock the house too, but im just keeping an eye on amazon 2 c when its available. What u can do is try and order it from a big music store. I got code red b4 i was on the internet and i went into HMV in Liverpool and asked 4 it, and the guy was like "this hasnt been in for about 10 years" and looked at me strange, but he ordered it from America 4 me, i think i payed about £20 for it. I also got B2R from the same shopas an import 9 days b4 it was released in the UK, at the time i thought i was so lucky, but i could have just waited 9 days lol.
  9. wow i never knew Jada went thru so much, that song is deep. I still considering buying it, im just not sure about the whole rock thing, has it got good guitar riffs in it?
  10. I cant join in this 1, we r understaffed for 3 weeks and i have to do 12hrs days a lot and i just cant battle after doing that much work, plus im behind on college work ooopps, so maybe next time.
  11. tfpoba helped me find good music thats where i discovered the sugarhill gang and naughty by nature. Its always good to go on recomendations from Will i guess thats where he got his inspiration from so its gotta be good. and i agree with grandmaster flash and the furious five, that song is great.
  12. lol yeah thanx Tim, ive got a massive section of my comp with remixes on and rare songs. :music:
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! :thumb: :dancingcool: :music:
  14. yeah i learn so much off this site, ive only been properly into hip hop about 5 years now so i have a lot to learn, but i started watchin hip hop shows about old skool. All i had when i was young was stuff like MC hammer, vanilla ice and salt and pepper and a little bit of jjfp. And bcoz music is so crap now i find myself buying old albums that i missed out on when i was younger. But i will be the first to admit i dont know that much about hip hop apart from the last 5 years.
  15. lol ive got this on tape, its so funny at the end the sudents ask questions and 1 of them mentioned that song off tfpoba, i cant remmember the name of it, but its the one where Will sings it to uncle phil it goes "and im tellin u"etc. Will decided to sing a whole verse of it before the girl even finished her question. Its a great interview if u can get hold of it, i think i got it off the biography channel or something, it might be repeated in Britain.
  16. cool lots of promotion!!!! was Will doin a beat box for angi??? did he mention his music?
  17. i will never understand y im comin wasnt released, that would have been so great instead of freakin it. And when u say Wills career is dead, he is definatly comin bk with his rap big time. Its like that story when jeff beat him at a video game and Will went and studied the game until he was really good and then kicked jeffs ass. Its the same with his rap, Will says he will not loose, so when his last albums sales wernt too good im sure he went bk to that studio and basically kicked ass. If i know Will right he is gonna make damn sure this album is gonna be big, coz Will refuses to loose. Thats y he his taking his time with it, to get the right record deal and get the right time to release it, coz he is making sure he does it right.
  18. the only objection i have 4 it being released over the internet is its availability to his hard core fans. Some peeps cant afford the interent but are still looking forward to gettin it, i mean i only got online properly a year ago, i know some peeps here arnt old enough to get a credit card. But apart from that i think its a good idea. but like AJ said to be bought as a CD not downloaded, it doesnt count as sales if its downloaded and i want a proper CD not a home made 1.
  19. i did last night, i had my face so close to the screen i think my eyes are now square. i liked the bit about the shoe kicking competition, how scary is tommy lee jones. thanx 4 postin it. Im thinkin of gettin my articles out and postin em too.
  20. yeah we need da brakes back, and i agree prince did a great job at running things and kept it going quickly with threats lol. :biggrin: :dancingcool:
  21. oh so close. WELL DONE TIM!!!!!! the best freestylest won. :peace:
  22. ive tried the computer shop b4, basically once its sold to u they dont care anymore. They gave me a number 4 a help line when my modem was broken, that cost about a £ a minute. I cant really say wot i think about the shop on here coz we cant really use a lot of profanity.
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