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  1. oh no the worst thing that could have possibly happened has. My treatment is now ruined, i got my computer fixed of its virus and now its about 10 times faster and that means more time for posting. Now i can do it super fast i just wanna post and post just bcoz it feels good. I get a thrill when my computer posts without any problems, its such a high i wanna do it again and again just bcoz i know i can. Help im having a relapse!!!
  2. sounds like u had a grea time!! thanx 4 the links and stuff every1!
  3. lol he talked about this onLeno, he didnt make it clear how naked he is in the film, but it was really funny. He cant possibly be more naked that in WWW unless he showed his butt. Whatever it just gives me more reason to c this film lol, im sure the rest of the girls here will agree.
  4. i think the funniest thing about this song is that Will is acting tough but he isnt. Most hardcore rappers would say they shot some1 or are selling drugs but Will says he had a fight with an old woman lol. Its just so unlike Will that its hilarious, every time he says B**** it makes me laugh coz its like it doesnt belong in the song. I think the whole song is just a lot of fun, i dunno y he chose to swear in it, but sometimes u could get away with a lot more a few years ago. Like in that Live show and Will says "all the homeboys that got aids be quite", he couldnt say that now but he got away with it then. So long as he doesnt get a parental guidance sticker on his CD, i think its fine.
  5. thats so cool, by the looks of things Will signs a lot of autographs so ur bound to get 1!!! and speaking of Leno, if any British ppl wanna watch its on a channel called FTN (i think its only on sky digital and cable) its on at about 1.30am friday morning so video recorders at the ready.
  6. [quote=JumpinJack AJ,Jul 6 2004, 08:42 PM]4 those of u who find it hard 2 follow sarcasm on message boards, my comment above was sarcastic. I don't want 2 many people thinkin' i'm THAT stupid. Oh yeah, for all those James' out there...that's my middle name (yeah, that's where the 'J' comes from). :thumb:[/quote] lol i know, i was just making sure every1 knew that i was also being sarcastic bcoz im also not that stupid, well actually i am but that besides the point. oh lord i think i need to go bk to postaholics meetings, i think that symptom of where ur posts dont make sence is now setting in.
  7. no as postaholoics we must stop other ppl becoming one of us, so if wild child doesnt know what we r talking about thats a good thing. Fight it wild child dont become a postaholic, if its not already too late!!!!!!!! :eek4:
  8. ive had the black eyed peas in my car for the last couple of weeks its the only half decent cd ive bought in ages. but soon i will have wicked wisdom, then i will listen to that a lot. woohoo!
  9. did u here this from an inside source? Can u give us any more details or do we have to wait? Whatever im really excited and there are no details yet, thanx! I hope the news is a really good record deal and he releases something in the next few months.
  10. i think u need help to tho prince bcoz i found this: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Member Posts Today Prince 33 JumpinJack AJ 18 willreign 18 Hero1 15 Jazzy Julie 9 Wild Child 7 DevilsJim89 5 3cookies 4 sexywshgirl 3 WildWildWillennium 3 Total posts today: 132 33 posts :eek4: thats gotta be a record. we are here 4 u prince, we just all need to stick together thru this addiction. but ever since we started postaholics anonymous we have posted more than we normally do.
  11. i ordered mine on sunday so i will hopefully get it soon. it cost me more for postage than it did 4 the CD tho. Im sure it will be worth it. Yey i cant wait!!!
  12. We r both in Britain, doesnt that count as a country, but then what do u call Scotland, England etc.... if any1 knows plz tell me.
  13. [quote=Prince,Jul 6 2004, 04:41 PM][quote=JumpinJack AJ,Jul 6 2004, 04:37 PM] [quote=Jazzy Julie,Jul 6 2004, 04:10 PM] My real name is Julie believe it or not[/quote] Man, i never saw that coming! :cya: [/quote] Really? Damn AJ, it's obvious - it's in her username! :cya: [/quote] i was being sarcastic!!!! i think the rest of u r too, but im having a sarcasm overload right now.
  14. lol well u might be the closest board member to me, im not sure, same country type thing lol.
  15. how can ppl just read and not post anythin, i couldnt do that, i have to voice my opinion, that may be why im number 5 in the top ten and have also joined the "postaholics anonymous". I think the ppl in the top ten seriously need help, so thank u prince 4 helpingus!!!!!!
  16. im only a bit further south than u prince and its sunny here (north of England), i wouldnt say hot but it has been quite warm here 4 a change. Ive had a great time cruisin in my car with the window down, blastin my music with my shades on. not trying to rub it in or anythin lol. :nana:
  17. welcome tonya. My real name is Julie believe it or not, but incase ya wanna know ,my second name is Podmore which is a weird name, in fact one of my school teachers used to call me pods lol. but thats all in the past now so lets not start calling me that again.
  18. i need help too prince! when i get home from work i have to post here, if i dont post at least 5 a day i get cranky, i have even avioded taking my computer to the shop to get fixed bcoz i know i will have to live without this site for a few days. whats worse is that i feel i am moving on to harder drugs like the chat room. I was on there until 12.30 am the other day and im afraid i will do it again, please help me, i have a problem. :bang:
  19. thats cool ,i think elephant man is ok, but i like the idea of a reggae type song. lol when i first saw the post i just read Will Smith, shooting video and Janet Jackson, it nearly gave me heart failure 4 a bit then. It makes u think tho, is Will still recording his new album coz we keep getting new news about different ppl on his trax. Thanx 4 the newz.
  20. thanx 4 the clip, how sweet is that song, i really like it. :music: I dont think jada will beat u up coz its good promotion, im thinkin i might buy it now.
  21. yeah i did, i thought it was really funny tho coz she took Will to court for slander, when thats exactly what she was doing on that tape. Probably y she lost lol. thanx!
  22. cool thanx, thats bound to be shown all over the world on MTV to promote it, yey i cant wait! and if its played a bout a million times in repeat we cant miss it lol.
  23. lol the sperm bank is hilarious, but i wont say anymore or i might spoil it.
  24. im not that bothered either with what colour the actors r that he works with. I think Will has a good mixture of ppl that he works with and also a wide audience range. Its like his music bith and black and white ppl like it. and when i saw Ali it was an all white audience, but that bcoz the population of black ppl is about 1% where i live lol.
  25. Well i think this next album is defiantly his make or break album, im doubting a comeback a little, but then when i hear about all this good news like Will workin with jeff, mary j and timberland, it makes me think he can make another hit album. I think it does depend on how he goes about releasing it and trying to get rid of his pop, movie crossover image. It might be why he is taking his time with the album, coz hes gotta do it right this time. If he cant comeback in america im sure he can in europe tho, nod ya head was a hit here and i think 1000 kisses might have got somewhere in the charts if columbia had actually released it. Plus didnt and in this corner flop? then him and jeff came bk with homebase and classic hit. Im not really sure what to expect from the album, i guess anything can happen in the music biz.
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