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  1. i like the look of it too, it keeps the fans happy with it being an action Will Smith big blockbuster film and should shut most of the critics up. i think its great the way it manages to appeal to a wide audience.
  2. they used to show it in the Uk about a month after it was shown in the US, but now we have TRL UK which is the biggest pile of (whoops shut my mouth) ive ever seen. Dunno about the other countries tho, keep us posted on what he says American ppl.
  3. omg i heard that Will attacked a paparazzi, i read it somewhere, it said something like some celebritys fight back such as Will Smith, i didnt believe it coz i didnt think it was like Will. Do u know what happened?
  4. Vanilla ice without a doubt, he is so wack , plus he took a sample from queen (i think it was from queen) then completely denied it. u cant just steal ppls songs, destroy them and not even give them a penny. Yeah so my vote is Vanilla ice. good idea da breaks this game is great.
  5. lol i had the best day at work 2day bcoz of the football.I was working 8.30am to 8.30pm so i was gonna miss the footy that kicked of at 5, the boss wasnt in tho so the other vet nurse (i work in a vets) decided to bring her tv in. We did all our work really quick, the cleaning etc and thought that it would be really quite bcoz all the clients would be watching the match and wouldnt bring there animal to the vets. So we sat there in the operating theatre with the TV, quite a few ppl actually came in but i saw most of the match. It was so funny tho coz when england scored we screamed and then went oh shhhhhhhhh. Im sure the ppl in the waiting room heard lol. Just an extract from my fun day and not only did we win the match but i got paid by the hr for watching it too lol. :rock:
  6. [quote=WildWildWillennium,Jun 16 2004, 11:07 AM]Wow, they're walkin around...haha. Man, I wouldn't like it if I waz just with my girl and cameras followed me everywhere...it must suck not 2 be able 2 get much privacy. :toetap:[/quote] yeah how annoying must it be to be photographed while your eating, its no wonder celebs swing 4 the paparazi. sayin that i still like to look at the pics they take lol thanks 4 the pics.
  7. cool, i have a lot of Boom remixes but i dont have that one, tell us what its like when u get it. :music:
  8. i liked the second one bcoz the first was a bit too fierce and the second 1 was more fun, i dunno i might be being biased tho bcoz of what i read about Janet Hubert Whittern.
  9. lol im not a football fan but i watched the match to be patriotic and so on, but i only saw up to 85 mins coz i got bored and had a shower, i came downstairs and said "did we win then mum" and she was like no, i really thought she was kidding lol. Then the whole dumbass country had riots, its just a game so im not that bothered , it was a bit dissapointing but ppl take it too far.
  10. Where are those B2K fans when u need them , lol BUMP!
  11. thanx!! I cant help but read spoilers but it didnt really say too much. Just makes me wanna see the movie even more.
  12. i have that channel, tell us if u get on there.
  13. its great, i had my head boppin, u have improved so much since ur last album. Where r u goin next with the music are u trying to a deal and stuff, coz i would definalty buy it.
  14. found em they are on: www.wickedwisdom.net aw Willow and Jaden look so cute, i wonder if Will and Jada were performing 1000 kisses.
  15. me neither, it still isnt showin here and im sick of waiting. thanx 4 the article tho!!
  16. bcoz when ppl go in there they go in and log out again, i used to sit there 4 about half an hr while doing other things on my comp and eventualy some1 would c me in there, but i havnt had time recently so i havnt been in.
  17. on one of the first episodes they play "girls aint nothin but trouble" when carlton and Will are both after the same girl to take to a halloween party. Its also the rare version with different lyrics to the album version. And lets not forget the credits were Will is rapping, thats every show with Will rapping lol. there are a couple of other times were Will raps or beatboxes, i think they probably showed more of Wills skills than the rest of the casts. lol i remmember that one were Will and carlton were singing to ashley , Will had that dog puppet lol, that was great. haha and carlton kept talking to his cat puppet, sorry had a bit of a flashback to it, made me laugh.
  18. thats a dissapointment, i thought he was retiring and it was gonna be a step in the right direction for hip hop. great i will have to hear that "young" thing he says over and over again, y does he say that is his songs and is that what hes saying, it annoys me.
  19. im really sorry to hear that, if u wanna talk about anythin, like ppl said we are hear for you. Sometimes its nice to talk 2 ppl u dont really know just to get stuff off your chest. Even tho we cant really imagine what your going through.
  20. well done peeps, u all did really well. :peace:
  21. [quote=Prince,Jun 8 2004, 07:41 PM][quote=Jazzy Julie,Jun 8 2004, 07:12 PM] 3. Will Smith - Wild Wild West (trust me it is!)[/quote] Sorry for briefly hi-jacking this thread, but Julie I bet you find the spider part in the middle such a turn on! [/quote] lol yes but if only a man would save me like that, only im not scared of spiders.
  22. lol thats great. neither of u showed ur face and i showed my ugly mug but at least u did it.
  23. apparently trey has no rhythm, so he is working on baseball instead lol, maybe he could become an actor instead since he has appeared in the bsc video. Who knows Willow or Jaden could try a music career and then when Will quits music (in years to come ) we can still listen to good music. I doubt Will and Jada would let them be child stars tho bcoz it ruins so many young ppls lives, just look at MJ.
  24. Timothy u have seen Princes legs and me dressed up as a freaky slut the least u can do is post ur pic lol.
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