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  1. im gonna tape it, or if i get too excited i might have to stay up lol. Yey i cant wait!!!
  2. me neither THANX!! ok i feel christmassy now lol.
  3. AND somewhere else???? Oh please come to the UK!!!!!!!!!
  4. thats great news!!! It said a special performance, i hope that means new stuff, just imagine Tim if u got there and it was a new song. Ok i dont think i need to get u any more excited lol.
  5. My wife and kids and friends, oh and big brother im so addicted to it.
  6. ok Letterman is on thursday morning 1.25 am on ITV2.
  7. I got a question about this american chopper programme, does it actually have Will in it or is it just about some guys with too much time on thier hands makin an ugly bike. Coz ive found its on the discovery channel every morning at 2am, but its a whole series of boring bikes, does any1 know which episode it is. Dont worry da brakes i got the Uk covered, i'll try my best to find when these programmes are aired here. for example i can find out when letterman is on if u have cable and the MTV programmes but the rest wont be shown here.
  8. yey i got my wicked wisdom cd 2day, im still listening to it now but i like it so far, apart from im not so sure about the rock trax. Better than all the rubbish music out at the mo tho. Cool to c its on overbrook too.
  9. make detailed notes for us foreigners guys lol.
  10. Its actually only 5 months away (sorry that was my bad), but we will here a new song b4 then, so we will prob here his first single in a bout 4 months, thats not long at all. The rest of this year is gonna be so cool, I, Robot to keep us busy 4 a while, then soon after its sharktale with hopefully a song on that, so the time is just gonna fly by. :dancingcool: :dancingcool: :dancingcool:
  11. if they were released at the same time i would say spiderman 2 would get to number 1, but if its been released a couple of weeks b4 I, Robot, then yeah its definalty gonna get number 1. :jig:
  12. i kinda expected it 2 be earlier but christmas is cool. There u go it came from his mouth so its gotta be official (unless he changes his mind). Only 6 months to go peeps, it aint that long. and it was also interesting to c that the prince thing wasnt true.
  13. yeah it shows how much she loves him tho, she just probably really glad that he wasnt seriously hurt.
  14. haha thanx 4 the link!! :thumb:
  15. ive never met them but its one of my ambitions and i plan to do everything i want to in my life, so even tho i havnt met them now, i know i will sometime in my life, unless i suddenly die lol.
  16. i think at the end of the day the artists that hate downloading are in it for the money and the ones that dont mind just do there job coz they love it and dont mind how the music gets to ppl. I buy full albums and i only download single trax that are on albums i dont wanna get. It would be a big waste of money if i didnt download so im glad Will agrees with it.
  17. im a Leo too 24th of July and only 2 weeks till my birthday. How scary da brakes im only a week older than u lol. I dont believe in the sign thing, im meant to like attention and get angry easily that doesnt sound true :speechless:
  18. im gonna be there but i will be watching big brother at the time so i guess i will be half there for the first half an hr lol.
  19. nice job guys hopefully the new ppl will start flooding in now and actually post. And maybe just maybe the man himself might c it, if he loves technology as much as he says he does.
  20. [quote=sexywshgirl,Jul 10 2004, 12:10 AM]When he says he is naked in the movie he is NAKED! He is in the shower with NOTHING on! :eek4: :eek4:  Girls you have to check him out he is in GREAT shape!! It didnt bother me at all!   [/quote] yeah but surely they cant have a full on frontal shot of lil will, or can they!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek4: Like the others say he has gotta be covered up somehow or have some well placed camera shots.
  21. that is so cool, did i ever say how much i love technology lol. Can u imagine the inlay cards, it will be written, produced etc by Will Smith and Mr i pod.
  22. i couldnt believe it when i heard about the nude scene,i can say im a very happy fan tho Im also extremely interested in how much Will bares. If hes better than Brad then woohoo!! (u guys cant complain coz u drewl all over tatyana ali all the time lol, now its our turn)
  23. we have at least got passed the first stage in our treatment and possibly the hardest and that is realising that we have a problem, all we need to do is to stick together and we can fight this addiction. I am more worried about the people who have yet to join our little meetings and still think that they dont have a problem and stick there noses down on us addicts. but the truth is they are addicts too and need so much more help, so Prince and Wild child and the rest of our little group at least we can stand tall and say to the world, "yes we have a problem". So dont feel sorry for yourself guys, feel sorry for the rest of them bcoz we all know they are in denial............. oh crap i just got cake stuck in my keyboard. *sits*
  24. thanx 4 those timbo, i read em all, but there wernt too many spoilers. there r some pretty good reviews too.
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