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  1. If i get there and thats a very big IF, i have a video camera which i think i can hook up to my computer. I think there is only a 10% chance of me actually gettin there. Then i have to figure out how to use my camera/ computer hook up, but i will try my best.
  2. :bowrofl: :roll: Poor Tim let him out of the cupboard.
  3. i dunno either but im keeping an eye out coz im gonna try my best to get there, especially if Will performs switch.
  4. i cant wait to hear what Tim says about the new song, how lucky is he being one of the first ppl to hear it. :jig:
  5. wow i knew it was gonna be big but i never thought it would open bigger than MIB and independance day. and OMG he performed switch, that is so cool!!! and the next 4 or 5 months will be music, now he can promote properly, thanx 4 the articles they are all great news.
  6. me too lol, is Wills album done now tho, im not too sure but lil john only said planning to do stuff so it will probably never happen, especially if Wills next album is done. He would be kindof annoying on a Will track, they just dont seem to go together, but we did say that about petey pablo. :dunno:
  7. where u wearin high heels at the time, bcoz som,etimes when u wear big heels it makes u move your ass more as you walk.
  8. thanx Tim, oh i really hope i can find a way to go.
  9. they will be songs about fish so i hope they dont go on his album, instead of nod ya head it will be like flap your fins, i really hope he keeps those songs to the sharktale soundtrack only.
  10. Tomato ketchup sandwiches, and if u get a hot chocolate and a kit kat, bite off both ends of the kit kat and then use it as a straw, then eat the kit kat, its like heaven coz the chocolate has all melted.
  11. im not gettin this test tube chicken thing, do they specially breed them 4 kfc or somethin, dont farmers do that anyway and animals are specially bred for us to eat. and as for the man juice burgers, ew, u have put me off burger king, well maybe for the next few days.
  12. hahaha u said u couldnt save it, u have to post it here with some kind of explanation of what it is. :bowrofl:
  13. YESSSS BIG WILLS COMIN TO LONDON BABY!!! thanx 4 that!!! im happy now.
  14. [color=blue]HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!![/color] :thumb:
  15. i like the name, even tho it is just a name, but at least we seem to be getting closer to hearing this new stuff and Will is talkin about it. Is this the good news u were talking about Tim or is there more?
  16. k that was a weird chat, i stayed there for a total of 3 hrs, i was there 4 the whole chat!!!! Is it only me that thinks this is some kind of problem!!??!!?? Oh and Tim u missed the funniest thing, Prince showed us his disguise, id watch out if i were u, he is gonna take ur place at the premier. Watch out 4 those cupboards. :roll:
  17. great! i started to get a lil worried when Will wasnt on the I, Robot soundtrack or the first trailer. I'll look at the trailer now.
  18. lol i guess thats one way of putting it. i like the way all the interviewers are asking him about his music, there seems to be quite a bit of interest in it already and we havnt even heard anythin yet.
  19. ooh i loved westside and daily but i never heard anythin else from him, i'll definatly check this out.
  20. [color=purple]Happy Birthday[/color] :dancingcool:
  21. i saw a couple, but my computer is so slow i could only really hear the excitment and not c what was goin on, so i thought id leave them and not ruin the film since i cant c em. Thanx anyway tho!!!!
  22. woohoo thats great news!!! that song will be played pretty soon, omg i cant wait, i did not c that coming!!! :dancingcool: :dancingcool: :dancingcool: :dancingcool: :dancingcool: :dancingcool:
  23. [quote=Da Brakes,Jul 14 2004, 04:50 PM]"Will's my favourite rapper, lets go slap some reporters!"[/quote] hahahahahahahahaha :bowrofl: I think Will is a good role model he never says anythin bad about any1 in particular and tells kids to work hard and stuff, he inspired me and i turned out pretty successful if i dont say so myself lol. but i agree this is good advice but it means i will have no friends if i take it, no just kiddin my friends are great.
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