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  1. Just so the ppl from other countries dont get confused with which country stuff is bein show in, i thought i would make a new link 4 showing times of I,Robot interviews etc. I only have 1 so far tho lol, its making the movie on mtv, it was actually on 2day but i didnt get chance to post b4 it was on. The next time is 8.30pm on tuesday on MTV, but it will be repeated a thousand times if u miss it. More things to come!!!
  2. i went to burger king today but i only got a coke, come to think of it , it was a bit frothy, excuse the pun in that sentance too haha, gettin a bit rude now talking about man juice.
  3. yeah it would be good to meet up coz i can get a train to London but im sure there are many train stations in London lol. Im still not decided whether to go now. y dont they premiers in liverpool, its not fair.
  4. lol im so glad im not the only 1 that does this. You have to sing along to the uh huhs too.
  5. i dont wanna download the song i just wanna here it the same time as every1 else, bcoz we all have a countdown of 5 weeks and i want it to be 5 weeks when i hear it. Isnt there a way were u can just put the song up but u cant download it?
  6. thank guys!!! Well i was told i have to act like a proper adult now, but its gone wrong already. As i turned 20 last night i was at some1 elses 18th and i was drunk and dancing to grease. then when my friends mum was taking us home we decided to run down a road that is supposidly haunted by a grey lady. So im slightly hung over 2day and then its more alcohol 2night. Its true tho scousers know how 2 party!!!
  7. OMG i found this in my dads paper and europeans get to see more of Will than the Americans do. U.S fans of Will Smith have been denied a chance to see the star at his most exposed. The hollywood actor bares all in a shower scene in the new sci-fi adventure film I,Robot- but the details are pixelated out for the US market. They will appear in European cinemas.Says a disapointed Smith: "America is the only place where its really a big deal. It was the most expensive shot in the movie" That means us Lucky European girls get to see it all, coz we must be sick or somethin lol. I love being english!!
  8. thanx guys i will try some of those!!
  9. THANX, i spent ages lookin for stuff. Needless to say i entered them all.
  10. thanx 4 all the details and the pix, sounds like u had a fantastic night!
  11. exclusive to jazzyjefffreshprince.com, the lyrics to Wills new single lol. Im hoping the single comes up on strreaming audio somewhere like nod ya head did, bcoz i bet that turns up in a few weeks.
  12. I used to have kazaa on my computer to download my music from but recently my comp had a virus so i had a really good firewall put in. my firewall is now so good that it wont let me use kazaa bcoz there is basically too many pop ups and viruses on it. So im wondering has any1 got any suggestions where i can download music from without all the pop ups and stuff. I think Prince suggested one to me once but i forgot what it was called.
  13. India Arie Sorry another 1 ending in e.
  14. i had trouble reading the article bcoz all icould c was that picture lmbo!!! thanx 4 the article and especially thank u 4 the pic. :roll:
  15. really do u just turn up, i guess its just get there early and try and see Will. Cool so we just have to find out where it is. Its a hell of a long way 4 me to go just on the off chance, im in the North West of England and Will is the South east. Anyone here been to London b4 lol, coz i havnt. Im determined enough to get there i just dont have the sence.
  16. [color=purple]Happy Birthday!!![/color] :thumb:
  17. haha! hey u can talk Mr disguise up like tim with a dress and a beard. :roll: anyways back to the original topic, i am not finding these tickets anywhere, any1 got any ideas???
  18. wow cool pix, that girl in the 4th pic loks like she is scared of Will, y is she running away?
  19. right im gonna search 4 these tickets, god knows where but i will try. and as 4 the video, i can try and sneak it in, when i went to c Justin they tried to take my food and drink away but i just put them down my trousers lol. I wonder if they would search me tho incase i look like a terrorist, oh well i will cross that bridge when i come to it.
  20. yes i cant wait to dance to that in the clubs, if there was anythin i could of wished 4 in a new Will song i think that would be it. Dancin is something every1 can relate to, coz i cant relate to aliens and cowboys and stuff lol. and it sounds like a fun song which will be a sigh of relife after all this gangstar rap.
  21. yeah its nothing personal but we have had some ppl come on here and lie about stuff. I guess i dont really want it to be true so im in denial lol.
  22. yeah he definatly has a point, i couldnt decide if i thought the war in Iraq was nessesary either bcoz when u read the papers its just some1s opinion and not the facts. and even if Will did have an opinion its best 4 him not to say just bcoz whatever he says will be the wrong answer.
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