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  1. i have no idea so im gonna do a complete guess and say 1. $75 million 2. $210 million 3. $350 million :dunno:
  2. even tho Will has a lot of movies planned, it doesnt necessarily mean that he has signed on 4 all of them. As far as i know (admititly that isnt much) he has only signed for that explorer 1, but correct me if im wrong. And when Will released all of his other solo albums he was doing movies while promoting them, and we also know he his activly looking 4 a label now, so he must plan to release it fairly soon. So im excited about this news too. (sorry about all the spelling mistakes lol, im having a bad spell day)
  3. another vote 4 vanilla ice, that man is insulting to any rap fan!
  4. ah, u have kinda put my mind at rest, i heard the news on my interactive TV thing, but the details where very sketchy. I might go to there message boards then and c if there is any more news. I hope they do a final tour tho coz i thought i would never see TLC live. I guess its just watch this space and we will have to look out for legit news.
  5. I heard that T boz and Chilli are looking for a "replacement" for left eye, i kinda have mixed feelings about this , bcoz u can never replace left eye and its not really TLC without her. Its also good that they are gonna release new stuff, but ithink they would be better going on as a duet like they did for most of the 3d album. but get this they are gonna find this new member is on a reality TV show, what do the rest of the tlc fans think about it? :dunno:
  6. i didnt know Will break danced, lol that would be funny to see , i agree about the miami thing tho, strange.
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! A senior is when u get a pension lol, and i think we all have a long time till that happens. Well i hope u enjoyed ur day and didnt dislocate ur hip or anythin with the excitment :nana: lol, nah just kiddin!!!
  8. i think this is good news i like Timbaland i think he is a good producer, if Will is still doin tracks he might change the line up or something, if he thinks one of the tracks is a bit weak, he might wanna change it. Gives me high hopes 4 this new album tho.
  9. yeah i heard that version of the song in a comercial 4 coca cola too, and i also heard it in a club, i kinda felt i was betraying Will by dancing to the fake version. But thats cool about the KFC commefcial, just think Tim u could be responsible for a hilarious advert, in fact u should sell that guy ur idea about jazz and uncle phil lol.
  10. I can honestly say i ve never heard of Benzino in my life, so he must be good . We have digressed a little from the voting, but i cant vote in this 1 since i havnt heard of 1 of the contestants.
  11. LMBO, u posted exactly the same time as me, how weird. well happy belated birthday then lol.
  12. [color=purple]HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!![/color] Hope your having a great day! :rock: :music: :peace:
  13. ok i will say Bizarre, he just wins it bcoz of P Diddys song "I'll be missin u", P Diddy cant rap but at least he had some fairly intelligent things to say on it, even if some1 else wrote them. Bizarre just raps about ur average rubbish that every1 else raps about these days and is basically annoying. So my vote is Bizarre.
  14. [quote=Hero1,Jun 27 2004, 12:31 AM]julie your photos are always hilarious :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :rock:[/quote] lol thank u, i seriously have loads of them like this, me and my friends have no shame!
  15. [color=green]HAPPY BIRTHDAY![/color]
  16. cool i love these, well i searched high and low for a normal pic of me, but i gave up so here is a pic of me as a cheerleader. It was for a school uniform party, i dont just dress like this every day lol. [url="http://groups.msn.com/preepreesmadness/thirdandfinal6thformparty.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=1294"]http://groups.msn.com/preepreesmadness/thi...to&PhotoID=1294[/url]
  17. [quote=JumpinJack AJ,Jun 25 2004, 05:52 AM]That's cool!! I wonder if he brought the Fart Spray.[/quote] LMBO!! thats really cool news , they always say they never get to be in the same place at the same time, now they are. and since Will has a recording studio in his trailer, they have no excuse not to record. :music:
  18. [color=orange][font="Arial"]HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!![/color][/font] forget your troubles and have fun. :peace:
  19. man that was an exciting game to watch tho, just when u thought England had lost it they would come back, i dont know how ppl can watch footy all the time its too stressful lol. We should have won it tho, even tho we played quite badly the ref should have allowed the goal, the players didnt even touch the goaly and the ref was miles away so what did he see. and he shouldnt have continued the game while england are celebrating. aw well who cares, more impotant things to do, like big brother woohoo!
  20. thanx that was a funny interview, that bit about the sci fi fans wet dream was gross lol.
  21. we kicked butt!!!! I understimated England, i think we could possible win it (touch wood). Im gettin far too interested in football, i actually understand the off side rule now.
  22. i think ive watched MIB the most, im not sure why bcoz it isnt my fave, i just think it was played a lot on the movie channel on cable so i couldnt help but watch. I think i watch them pretty equally tho coz i rotate them so i dont get sick of them.
  23. thats a tough 1 bcoz they r both so so bad, but i think Bizarre wins it for me, he is really annoying and just has no flow. So Bizarre 4 me.
  24. cool thanx! I dont play bass but i play the accoustic and electric guitar, but it will be the same thing. I used to get tab of the guitar tab universe website but i stopped coz ppl kept putting up a load of rubbish that wasnt the right tune, but i will try this one out. Im sure its the right tune lol, i trust u as a Will Smith fan. :peace:
  25. P Diddy, that guy is annoying, ok i used to like him a little bit, but then i discovered good music taste, he just mumbles thru his songs. Plus he kicks Will off the soundtrack to his own movie. and as an extra bonus he wears animal fur, some poor animals had to die so he could look dumb.
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