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  1. [color=blue]Happy Birthday!!![/color] :switch: :thumb:
  2. haha thats good apart from carlton looks like some kind os demented imp and he has no neck. :roll:
  3. TRL are usually quite good at answering real questions unlike that stupid bet one. Make sure all the UK ppl watch TRL and the live show afterwards bcoz i am pretty sure its Wills live performance and he is bound to do switch. If any1 complains that they missed it, ive warned u a few times!!
  4. yeah that xibit article just made me laugh, i agree with da brakes he is just in it for the money. Im sure he has got a small point about Will gets lots and doesnt have to worry but im sure xibit has a mansion and fancy cars for doing a job he loves. thanx 4 the articles!!
  5. i think we originally PMed votes bcoz ppl where influenced by other ppls votes, but thats cool if we do it like this in future. So long as no1 is easily offended by gettin no votes lol. Well done big ted!!
  6. :hsnono: is this one flipping the bird or crossing his fingers lol. :shaketheroom: and i really like this one haha.
  7. [quote=Prince,Jul 31 2004, 08:13 PM]Dear Jazzy Julie, I am writing this humble note as I just want to make sure that you are aware that you have made me very upset with your anti-Scottish hooligan phrases and slogans. I have been left a sobbing wreck, barely able to read the text on the computer screen through the sea of tears welling up in my eyes. I am sorry to have upset you so much, and am now off to lie in misery and revel in pain. Thank you. Yours, Prince[/quote] Dear Prince, i writing this note to apologize for my terrible behaviour towards you. I am also greatly upset that you are now reveling in pain, even though i dont actually know what that means. It must be my terrible scouse grammer. But you should never be ashamed of your kilt because my best friend thinks men in kilts are very sexy, in fact you guys should hook up. yours faithfully Jazzy (scouser) Julie
  8. [quote=FreshPrincess,Jul 30 2004, 11:09 AM]Hey Julie...i saw that too!! I was actually on this site and the tv was on in the background when it came on and my ears pricked up!!!! His dancing was soooooo funny :roll: He's a cool guy![/quote] lol i read this and got really confused and had to check if i had actually made a comment lol. Sorry about the kilt jokes prince, we our just kiddin around. We are such a close family we all act like brothers and sisters lol.
  9. [quote=Wild Child,Jul 31 2004, 10:12 PM][quote=Jazzy Julie,Jul 31 2004, 07:24 AM] How long has it been since they toured, its gotta be sold out if they do it.[/quote] lol.didn't tim just say it..you've been cheering 4 too long peace [/quote] oh yeah lol, i missed that part out, but wow 15 years that is a loooooooooooooooong time!!
  10. [quote=Prince,Aug 1 2004, 12:24 AM]Julie, just stay the night in a cheap B&B :dunno: It won't cost that much for a room for the night, then catch the morning train. Come on, this could be your best chance...[/quote] i have to be in work for 8.30. Even if ppl dont take video cameras its on MTV anyway. I was gonna take my camera and try to hook it up to my comp 4 u all, but that dream is over, stupid trains!!! :bang:
  11. thanx 4 the link, i couldnt see the video but i could hear it, i knew when Will appeared bcoz there was so much screaming.
  12. i vote big ted too, we should have pmed these votes really.
  13. If u see the mtv cameras make sure you wave to us, in fact get a big sign sayin hi to Julie.
  14. TLC forever!!!! I like a lot more RnB artists than i like rap artists but jjfp are just my fave.
  15. ok im not going. I tried to get train tickets back but the latest is 9.oopm i dunno if the show would have finished by then and i dont wanna miss the train back or i am stuck in London. Good luck to every1 else, i will just watch it on TV, but next time Will is here i am definalty gonna see him, but i doubt an oportunity like this will come again. I just hope the tour comes here. I will go cry now. :tear:
  16. i liked understand the best, but simone is good too.
  17. AJ it seems u have planned this a little too well, are u sure u dont wanna see it????!!!???? Im sorry guys but i gotta get ppl back for all the scouser comments. That especially means u prince. :touche:
  18. wow i hope it happens, at least they are thinkin about it. How long has it been since they toured, its gotta be sold out if they do it.
  19. wow thats a lot of ppl, you have had more hits than born to reign sold lol.
  20. [color=orange]Happy Birthday!!![/color] now you can join me in the world of a twenty year old, it isnt that bad. Have a great day!!!! :thumb: :switch:
  21. me and my friend are gettin the train to Euston early so we get a full day out, so i am gettin there at 10.38 am, then i have to get the tube to leicester sq. I tried ringing the cinema in leicester sq, bcoz ppl keep saying have you got tickets, im guessin u just turn up outside to see his performance. I also have a time for the premier, Will is on TRL at the square on MTV at 6.00 (tape recorders at the ready), then on MTV at 7-8 there is a red carpet special, im guessin this is Wills performance. I just need to get my train ticket (hopefully now) and see where to meet ppl, and pray you dont need a ticket!!!
  22. haha thats it now, u have shown your weakness and u will never here the end of it, i am a thief, prince wears womens clothing and now u like to look at other mens penises lmbo!!!!! :bowrofl:
  23. dont say that!!! Its ok i have entered a lot of competitions that say leicester sq and say the 4th, it would be kinda funny tho, well maybe not. and stop scaring these ppl, they wont meet me now. Im harmless honestly im a 5"1, 8 stone girl that helps injured animals all day.
  24. yeah i will get one off those signs and hold it up with jazzyjefffreashprince on it lol. I still have to tell my mum im going to London, oh well its tough im 20 years old, oh and i also have to tell my boss also double watch your wallets bcoz my scouser friend is coming too. Im gonna go mega early to get a good spot and make sure im there, and have extra time for robbing.
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