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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. just voted. looking good for switch
  2. they look pretty tight. good work
  3. yeah Switch is making its way up to the top
  4. Same here in PT :bang: :bang: :bang:
  5. thanks for the link Jonny 5 . i don't know why but i wasn't able to download it from the original link.
  6. here you go. This one is from Switch video (Thanks to Julie)
  7. 1. what albums will you listen to between now and lost and found? All their past Albums 2. how high are your expectations for L&F? Let's say, high enough to make ppl look like ants 3. how long have you been waiting for this album(like really waiting) kinda half a year 4. what do you think the new JJFP tracks will sound like? I like surprises 5. how many tracks do you want on the new album? 17-20 6. and lastly how old were you when willennium was released? 16
  8. well its just movies. to bring enphasis to a certain part. but i doub't will curses in real life, and thats what matters
  9. 6 months 2 a year, thats good. go out and buy it ppl. the more the better.
  10. thats great news.thanks i've contributed with my part.lol
  11. this is a hard question, but i think ppl should be able to view it. if they have to register they probably would even do it, but never post. and so the number of ppl would grow, but still no active posters. i rather have it the way it is.
  12. thats great, maybe i'll get a chance to see them. you don't have any dates?
  13. yeah don't waste that chance. get it while it hot :thumb:
  14. Well how about "Switch" to give a little teaser to the ppl :switch:
  15. :werd: He is what he is. And Will is the BIGGEST :thumb:
  16. well i think i'm glaad that he's not on the album but i'm kinda curious of what it would sound like
  17. so far so good. but i think they asked Will to play Neo and not Morpheus.
  18. Yeah, will has always walked his way, no matter what ppl say, what doesn't kills you, makes you stronger. Of course that sometin~mes you go down, but will has passed this moment in his long career already, so now he is up to do whatever he likes, and he know's that all th die hard JJFP fans will walk the way with him. so start walking ppl. or bewtter, start running :cya:
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