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  1. hahah :dunno: good one :what: , anyways, I think just because Will does well in the U.S. doesn't mean anything. The same goes for overseas. We don't know Will well enough to determine his motivation is to make more music. Look at Born 2 Regin it took a while to turn Gold but he still worked on more music and now he's focusing on that part of his life now. He's coming out with a new album pretty soon and it's pitiful that you guys are talking about the location which determines his success. If you wanna know, talk to the man himself (Will).
  2. Ok guys...haha that's silly...we're talking about a human being (a person that makes mistakes), and I have to agree it doesn't make him less of a man or a person in general. I think because he takes the initiative to make it a point not to swear in his music it says a lot. I'm sure if he started dropping f-bombs and ish he'd get a lot of more attention like some rappers do. But that's not his style, he's classy and true to the fans. Peace.
  3. Actually, scratch that (erra erra) I think it was a later season that the first. But still I know what you're getting at.
  4. Ya I agree, I thought something was kinda funny about that. The whole blazer being turned inside out was seen earlier (i think season 1) but there was an episode that later showed how he decided to wear it like that
  5. Actually they do have seasons on dvd on ebay but i wouldn't trust them because some don't play on U.S. dvds and they are just copies made by the viewer. I dunno, it's not authentic...I'd never get them...
  6. Hey this is a random question but does anyone have pictures of Will wearing his baseball hats? I specifically wanna know what Phillies hats he's wearing in his video. If anyone does, post them up on this...post...hahah arite sorry if it's random. Peace.
  7. No doubt, I have to agree with all these kids. Those lyrics weren't too bad sounding at all, I can totally hear that on a song. Anyways keep that creativity going bro, peace.
  8. GOT MINE THE DAY IT CAME OUT, haha i love that show such a classic sitcom and especially a sitcom with the starring role of Will Smith, doesn't get any better than that.
  9. SOOOOO awesome, I just watched a couple episodes of the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Dvd. It's tight, if you haven't got it, go and save some mula and buy this. It's got some special features but it's funny because on the back it says it's a 2-disc dvd when really it's a 4 disc set. Definetly a good investment. Anyways i'm off to a study group. Peace.
  10. Oh, well thanks for that. I already pre-ordered FP season 1 like a month ago from Amazon, they have it for a similar price. I wonder what that bonus disc is?!?!? I'm kinda pissed if it's like deleted scenes or something awesome and rare. The Hitch soundtrack sounds pretty tight but I have most of the good songs already on my computer. If anyone listens to it and thinks that's it's pretty tight, let me know. Thanks, peace.
  11. Ya he had this pretty nice outfit while talking about the Eagles he had like a dress shirt, I think a blazer over it and ya it was pretty fly. Anyways, the Eagles lost i'm kinda "t.o-ed" and ya the super bowl had decent enough commericals. The half-time was pretty sweet because Paul McCartney was the main singer; actually the only singer. Anyways, i'm going to sulk to myself 24-21...haha peace.
  12. Ya our boy Will introduced the tribute to Ray Charles on the Super Bowl, and Alicia Keys lip synced it I think, but either way it sounded really good. Oh and I am typing he's talking right now about his team Philiadephia Eagles!!! ahha, welp hope you guys didn't miss it it. Peace.
  13. hmm...what kind of hat would it be it's real similar to the Phillies hat that's for sure. If you know you should hit me up. peace.
  14. Thanks again for the audio and video guys, but here's a random question: does anyone know the color of the P of the black Phillies hat that Will is wearing in the video? If it's a Gold P or White P or black P and if it has a star or no star next to it. If anyone knows let me know thanks. Peace
  15. I dunno about you guys but I like this video, it gives the old school basement/abandon building throwing a party vibe. It's kinda tight, althought i can see why some of your are dissapointed because the description given to us on the other posts made it out to be literally like a club scene which would have been tight no doubt but this is pretty hot by itself. Peace.
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