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  1. I'm pretty sure it was Sonny from I, Robot yeah me too. because he says "went from scenes with uncle phil to scenes with sonny" I robot was his last movie and fpoba his first tv appearance. i must be the robot :werd:
  2. C'mon, don't be like this :kekeke: Be Welcome here
  3. :werd: congratulations on that :thumb:
  4. Agree. :confused3: :confused3: we should keep this chain going haha :werd: i'm with you guys. :confused3:
  5. :ditto: yep. the one driving
  6. yeah the review looks pretty good to me. but it's nuthin but the truth. and thats what we need. ppl tellin' the truth..
  7. I gotta go with "I wish I made that / Swagga"
  8. nops it got gold Willwnium was 2x Platinum and BWS 9x Platinum http://www.rockonthenet.com/artists-s/willsmith_main.htm
  9. Well i must say that i grew up watchin FPOBA, but i only realized about their music by the time Bad Boys was released, so i had to catch up, and buy all the albums of the JJFP era. And since then i kept on buying his CD's and watching his Movies. And about a year ago i was searching for some info over the net and i found this site. So i registered and here i am trying to keep as active as possible. But i have to say that since i'm around i never had so much Will info and insider stuff, and i enjoy spending some time with you guys cause you obviously share my passion for JJFP. So Thanks a Lot to all of you :thumb:
  10. :werd: everybody lost their respect for Will. it's starting to get heavy on my nervs. :blabla: :ali: :chuks:
  11. Right now L&F is my fav Will album, but if we talk about JJFP i must say Code Red.
  12. Yeah I feel sorry for you.. but why in the name of God did you choose to study in Denmark when you are from France? :scared2: :scared2: :scared2: :scared2: :werd: Yeah, and why didn't you took you precious music collection with you?(I'm talking about all the JJFP stuff)
  13. I hope "I Wish I Made That/Swagga" or "Lost and Found". But im ok with any track.
  14. yeah thats exactly what i thought. They are all just great. it was def. worth waiting.
  15. If thats the reason, I hope it will continue being delayed :) :werd:
  16. They are all great. But i have to go for "i wish i made that". even though "tell me why" and "Lost and Found" are also great, especially "tell me why",its really deep. I WISH I COULD VOTE 2 MORE TIMES :kekeke:
  17. Alexandre (But call me Alex) :thumb:
  18. I'll try to resist downloading it, but i'm not sure if i can hold it. the temptation is just to big. :dancingcool:
  19. Will is moving his way up to the top Go will... :chuks:
  20. LOOKS REALLY GREAT hope they keep it updated :thumb:
  21. Absolutely NOT. Don't take it to personal,but what the hell is wrong with your friend? Not even a decent baseline...
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