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  1. I thiunk that i,robot has good chances and sharktale deserves it. but...
  2. Yesterday i was going to meet a couple of friends and i poped in Switch while i was driving, and i noticed that a lot of people looked at me . Well i don't know if it was becasue of my beautiful face, :lolsign: because of the "volume" of the music, or the music itself. But the most funniest thing was, when i arrived, a lot of my friends asked me about what i was listening, and they said thet it sounded very good. (you should know that most of my friends are not into Hip-Hop,and that a complement comin from them is a lot). And they even noded their head to Switch. :rock: I just thought that i should share it with you guys.
  3. yeah thats a good one. view a few from the first season. hey are hilarious, also because of will's poor acting. lol
  4. i'm starting to think it too, well i guess Will is everyhting he never knew eh ever wanted (to be) (like in Hitch) :lolsign:
  5. Yeah Tim, you really should get a bit more credit for your work. but its always good to know that they see this site as a reliable source. and its also good to know that they will be on tour again.
  6. man don't worry, you like what you like. you shouldn't excuse yoursef, or at least for me you don't need to. Usher is great, he has an extraordinary voice. But Will is...Will he is one of a kind (Thats my opinion)
  7. nah, i think will past this phase. i listen to it about 5 times too, or more, and its def You all really like it huh? I like it, too! But I just listen to it once a day, ok maybe two times but I don't like it that much! Let's wait how the album's gonna be like... :switch: It's not like the best track he's done but it's the newest. and i was so hyped to hear something new. :dj:
  8. i think it's a good idea, maybe put only a "little" intro (like 1 min) it's important to help will, now more than ever since there is a big gap between his last and new album. and maybe do the same with thw video good idea JumpinJack AJ :thumb:
  9. Ive just searched for worldwide release dates for the FPOBA DVD in Goolge and guess what poped up? There is a link that guided me jazzyjefffreshprince.com it took me here: http://jazzyjefffreshprince.com/jjfp-tvfpdvd.htm :rock: :thumb:
  10. Thats what i'm talkin bout. the first single is always to get ppls attention to the album.
  11. i personaly like the ones in my signature, but the one in tim's signature says everything there is to say
  12. thanks for the news. maybe a different track :thumb:
  13. nah, i think will past this phase. i listen to it about 5 times too, or more, and its def
  14. and ... its the truth, and its gotta be said.
  15. well you used to register and post once to hear it, but i guess tim has made the right choice to close it up. all the real fans should have the video and the song by now, so there is no reason to maintain it active cause ppl are postin wild just to hear it.
  16. yeah thank Switch. well since i'm the only portuguese around (as far as i know), i gotta say that the 12th place is not bad :lolsign:
  17. yeah thats a good line. but there is alwas a brobability to meet a hot stenographer. you have two choises. the good side and the bad... :lolsign: :thumb:
  18. I hope he only produced a song...cuss i wanne hear Will as much as possible on the new album!! It's his album, and he has a song with snoop, luda and Mary j Blige...i think that's enough on the collabo with other rappers! :werd: yeah, this is a will album (but i don't mind hearing a colabo with jeff in every song) :lolsign:
  19. Man they just wanne hear switch and then they leave!! I wouldn't be surprised if they putted the song on other forums! yeah it would be better if tim would make them post at least 50 times to hear switch,but on the other side, they would post only junk and fill the board with notinhg realy important
  20. Yeah i think that the album will be more different from switch too. But lets wait to see
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