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  1. yeah again and again :) :sleep2: ... :yeahthat:
  2. :word: Will Smith on ‘Indian Idol’ sets As the competition in ‘Indian Idol 2’ gets hotter by the episode, the celebrity judges too get bigger and bigger. The contest already boasts of Bollywood biggies like Mallika Sherawat, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Amisha Patel. This week’s episode surpassed all expectations as Hollywood star Will Smith graced the show along with Karan Johar. Source:Indiatimes TV Guide
  3. My first was BWS but then i started to search for them all....
  4. I'vebeen fan since 1993 code red era, and the year i first saw FPOBA but by then i was too young to get any albums, but i recorded it all over the radio and FPOBA on TV, but by the time of Big Willie Style it all started to come together and the rest is history...
  5. Just let them do their thing and wait.... We'll see what turns out... :stickpoke:
  6. 500 more is doable... Just a littel more time and everyting will work out...
  7. Well, i'll hope i get mine with Jeff someday...
  8. Well, i just put in some new stuff and it blast's everybody of their feet.....
  9. Even thoug it's a long trip i might go to see Jeff in Spain, it's the closest he comes to Portugal, and 7 October is a Saturday, so i think i just got my weekend planned for it... :bowdown:
  10. It's hard to decide but i would say L&F I think he finaly gives back everyting he has swallowed all these years, and he stands up for himself and for everything he stands for... I just love L&F
  11. Yeah, Welcome to the best JJFP site online. You just don't have to look anymore. You may find a lot but none like this. Here you got it all...
  12. That is a great video you got some serial skillz....
  13. Yust can't wait to see it.... Yet another great blockbuster.
  14. That's great to "hear". Happy 4 U I«d love to see Jeff live on stage.... at least once.... you'll never know
  15. Basicaly they are just talkin bout hip -hop and about all these wanna be rappers like 50 and eminem,and one of them says that you (da brakes) are a good exaple for good hip hop.and that you are under no contract.
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