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  1. Well i'm just gonna say: Be yourself. If you have to cry go ahead and don't be afraid to show your emotions("...And you can cry, ain't no shame it it..." Just the two of Us; BWS), but if you don't have to cry, please don't fake it.... Just be yourself.. it is kinda hard sometimes but you'll feel much better... and free ("...Always tell the truth, say your prayers, Hold doors, pull out chairs, easy on the swears..." ; BWS)
  2. Name: Alexandre Martins Age: 23 Location: Braga, Portugal; but the first 13 years of my life in Germany, Wermelskirchen JJFP Fan since: 1990 FPOBA; 1993 Code Red Job: I'm the head of the Computer and Comunications Department of an Insurance Company.
  3. i guess everybody who does music no matter the genre asked that question to theirselves, just realize ya gotta keep walkin same way cause there are ppl who think you're doin it alright Everytime you do something you got to be sure you doing it for the right reason, and if you love something you just keep doing it foir you no matter what other people say.....
  4. :word: yeah a powerfull song and the uhhs are very important in it...
  5. Yeah, if i'm not wrong that was back in 1999 when will won the Award for Best Male Video: "Miami"
  6. http://www.bet.com Cassidy regains consciousness, driver ticketed in accident By Kim Osorio, BET.com Staff Updated Oct. 12, 2006 -- A summons has been issued for the driver of the vehicle that collided with Cassidy's vehicle in the accident that left the rapper in critical condition on Oct. 5. Javier Trujillo Gonzalez of Carson City, Mich. was ticketed by the Jersey City police for making an improper turn, which resulted in him colliding with the SUV carrying the 24-year-old Philadelphia rapper, whose real name is Barry Reese. Though Cassidy recently regained consciousness, he remains in critical condition at the Jersey City Medical Center in Jersey City, N.J. with multiple fractures of his face. "He has a nasty scar from his ear to the corner of his mouth. He's on sedation to keep him from moving, and to keep him out of pain," Cassidy's lawyer, Simon Rosen, detailed of his client's injuries. BET.com spoke to Cassidy's driver shortly after the accident who revealed to us that the rapper's fate was uncertain immediately after the car accident In an exclusive interview with BET.com on Oct. 6, Panther Gambino, the driver of the vehicle, says he was doing about 30-35 mph on the 1-9 South when the U-Haul truck crossed over into their lane. To avoid a head-on collision, Gambino sped up and then swerved. As a result, the back of the car where Cassidy was seated took most of the force of the hit. "When I looked over, I asked Grady, 'Are you okay?' He said, 'Yes.' Then, I said, 'Cassidy, are you okay?' I didn't hear anything and when I looked he was just laying in the back with blood all over him. We thought we lost him." According to his J Records publicist, Cassidy was on his way to a recording studio session in Yonkers, N.Y. "He suffered a fractured skull and broken bones to the left side of his face," she told BET.com. Five passengers were injured in the car collision; Cassidy is the only one who suffered critical injuries. Cassidy was released from jail back in March, after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of his friend, 22 year-old Desmond Hawkins. Stay with BET.com as we continue to report updates on Cassidy's condition. Want to wish Cassidy well? Hit "Discuss Now" and send your prayers to Cassidy.
  7. Just some music in the waiting line of a company.... :sipread:
  8. yeah i've heard about that... pretty bad crash, glad he's better and hope cassidy gets better too
  9. Have a good time out there and why not making a stop just nearby... :leaving: in Portugal. :switch:
  10. Yeah.. read this article a few days ago. Thanks for the info...
  11. Well, here are some pictures of me.... Some older than other... 1st -> Me and my wife at the beach, probably not the best time of the year but still beautiful... 2nd-> Again me and my wife at a Friends wedding... 3rd-> And again me and my precious at one of the calmest spots on Earth(Peneda Geres Park in Portugal) I just love this woman... 4th-> Me and my best friend for more than +/- 15 years... just crusin' around... 5th-> Just me posing for fun...
  12. :yeahthat: stick around ppl... you'll see that it pays off
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