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  1. 34 days is such a long time but we've been waiting for much more time, i would puckh the clock forward if i could. :rock:
  2. Sonic knows that, he was wondering if there was video to the verse he's talking about, which isn't on the show anywhere. :thumb: that's what i'm saying. in the first 2 episodes they aired the full viedo and the verse sonic was talkin bout was in there too.
  3. :werd: the wait will be worth it
  4. yeah thats really good news. Will is really breaking records :thumb:
  5. thanks for postin it out. he says some real truthes there
  6. yeah thats great. i hope L&F follows :lolsign:
  7. 4 times so far. tell us about the results. i dont have the us mtv
  8. You can consider yourself the luckyest persons alive
  9. Congratz kev. now th eonly thing thats missing is Jeff's signature netx to will's.
  10. they only aired it in the first 2 episodes of the 1st season.
  11. ppl, why do you even listen to what Em has to say? don't waste your time with that, and go out to do something good, like voting for switch, our buying the FPOBA DVD, or anything else.
  12. the cover looks great. thats unfair,you all got release dates for the single and album for you countrys, and i got nothing. :bang: well, what would i do without the internet, and the online-shops.
  13. Personally i say FP whenever i'm refering to him as JJ+FP, and Will Smith to his solo career. but for some he will always be the FP, and thats ok. but you can call him whatever you want (Fresh Prince;BIg Will; Will Smith...), cause he will always be the Greatest :thumb: its the man that counts, not the name
  14. Yeah Congratulations. You're one step closer to nirvana. (lol) :lolsign:
  15. I thought so either. She is the one driving if i remember it well.
  16. me neither. only the german version :sad6:
  17. yeah and i've heard that she's supposed to be in Summertime, but i can't find her :dunno:
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