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  1. THANK U so much TopDawg!!!.. how can Will not get hyped to do a new album when he's on stage and he here's how the crowd reacts!
  2. RUN - DMC Walk This Way Live At Montreux 2001 (2007)
  3. Yeah, and Big thanks to Tim for keeping this site alive!.. this should be the official site for Will and Jeff and i'm glad i joined the forum great people and real fans.
  4. I wouldn't mind another album from Shaq!.. his first one will always be my favorite.. but that was funny as hell though!
  5. Thanks Kev!, Great video i heard julie say new music and Will said sure.. video proof we want new music Will!!
  6. It probably won't opening weekend.. but i'll bet its gonna past 150mill. Now if we can get some of these movie fans to get his next album sellin to platinum again!!
  7. The video is dope... the song is dope i'm ready for the GOAT!!
  8. Naughty By Nature ft. 3LW - Feels Good IICONS (2002) been getting back into NBN lately.
  9. Well.. we all know if L+F was promoted better and Tell Me Why had been released and they didn't release party starter in the fall.. it would have sold a lot more we'd probobly have a new album by now i mean it's been 3 years since Lost and Found this is usually around the time we here atleast something new.
  10. How, do you get those sigs i've been trying to get one up myself? And figuring out how to post pics to.
  11. Naughty By Nature - Jamboree Ninteen Naughty Nine (1999)
  12. Nice to see you guys got the chance to meet up... but really sucks there was no performance.. was Jeff even there and is Will gonna do this tour or not!? Nice pics to.
  13. Man i wish i was going with you guys meeting you and singing Summertime along with you, that's whats up.. the real JJFP fans Representing!!
  14. FRESH PRINCE + MARY J BLIGE - Tell Me Why Will Smith Live In Concert DVD (2005)
  15. Hey guys, can someone put up the Jazzy Jeff mix of Summertime and Dance or Die from made in america soundtrack?
  16. QUEEN LATIFAH - Wrath Of My Madness All Hail The Queen (1989)
  17. I'M so jealous haha just kiding.. excited for you guys i know it's gonna be hype, can't wait to see some pics! Hey Tim anymore US dates announced yet?
  18. Man this is getting to good to be true.. but i hope it is!!
  19. Hey Brakes, can't wait to here the album..and can't wait to here the review from Tim!
  20. ant1

    Bad Boys 3!

    Man i can't wait for another Bad Boys movie hope this happens!!
  21. Just rated it.. and listening to it now.. Great stuff guys!
  22. i'm praying the rumours are true It's Time...
  23. What's up Big KEV haha!.. sorry i'm late but Happy Birthday Bra!! And have fun at the De La and Public Enemy concerts lucky!
  24. Hey cookies Happy Birthday Girl.. hope your haveing a good one :2thumbs: :jazzy:
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