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  1. NICE Thanks Tim!!! :wickedwisdom:
  2. HEAVY D ft, Big Daddy Kane + Kool G Rap + Grand Puba + Q-Tip + Pete Rock & CL Smooth Don't Curse
  3. haha Yeah, i just got in 2 votes just now. i clicked out and it let me vote again.. but it didn't let me do it a 3rd time, so i'm gonna try again later.
  4. Yeah, were hoping for an album and a tour. i'm not starting to believe what he says about music to the press.. but when he talks to his fans he says he's not giving up on music. i think we'll defo, her something soon i hope! And Welcome to the Boards Rams!
  5. Happy Birthday!! Vib :party: :wiggle:
  6. REAL COOL of Kel, to talk directly to his us fans on the boards. we know his schedual is nuts.. we know he wishes he had more time to stop thru he's busy giving us that real hip hop!!
  7. Just voted again. and will be everyday till the deadline.. thanks for the tip about voting online on my cell phone cookies!! i've got internet access on it so i'm gonna vote bout 10 times... or atleast try that many lol!
  8. Always nice to here, i've heard it on the radio alot lately to. haha i told my mom its officialy summer when you here Summertime played everywhere.
  9. Voted! you can vote everyday right?.. i tried to vote twice it said i've already voted.
  10. Happy Birthday Schnazz!!!!!!!! :party: :2thumbs:
  11. Man i miss those days after Men in Black came out then BWS FP was the man on the charts going platinum and #1 at the box office!
  12. AAAHHH!!! now we know why Will does only 2 movies a year Will has people read his scrips.. haha Thanks for the link AJ.. they are silly! I need to get to the theater this weekend!
  13. Tevin Cambell - Stand Out A Goofy Movie Soundtrack (1995) love this track.. and the movie
  14. Awesome video!! Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince bustin out that Brand New Funk :wickedwisdom:
  15. Hey hope you had a great Bday FreshPrincess!!!
  16. Word AJ!.. Will ruled the charts and the silver screen.. and he can still do it now.
  17. THANK U so much TopDawg!!!.. how can Will not get hyped to do a new album when he's on stage and he here's how the crowd reacts!
  18. RUN - DMC Walk This Way Live At Montreux 2001 (2007)
  19. Yeah, and Big thanks to Tim for keeping this site alive!.. this should be the official site for Will and Jeff and i'm glad i joined the forum great people and real fans.
  20. I wouldn't mind another album from Shaq!.. his first one will always be my favorite.. but that was funny as hell though!
  21. Thanks Kev!, Great video i heard julie say new music and Will said sure.. video proof we want new music Will!!
  22. It probably won't opening weekend.. but i'll bet its gonna past 150mill. Now if we can get some of these movie fans to get his next album sellin to platinum again!!
  23. The video is dope... the song is dope i'm ready for the GOAT!!
  24. Naughty By Nature ft. 3LW - Feels Good IICONS (2002) been getting back into NBN lately.
  25. Well.. we all know if L+F was promoted better and Tell Me Why had been released and they didn't release party starter in the fall.. it would have sold a lot more we'd probobly have a new album by now i mean it's been 3 years since Lost and Found this is usually around the time we here atleast something new.
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