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  1. Man, now i want season 5 and 6 even more thanks for that Ale!
  2. Just keep ya head up AJ i got your back all the way Take care fam!
  3. I never would have thought this day would happen.. the first african american to become president of the united states i'm watching online and on tv i'm hyped to this is History ya'll!!
  4. What's up with that Brakes that sucks!! and your ''Tell Me Why'' vid was dope fresh from sofia.. why they delete it?
  5. That's the one, THANKS Big Willie Does anybody have another file for those jjfp bsides stupid megaupload won't work for me.
  6. Mariahdaily.com The-Dream just dropped his new single ''My Love'', which features Mariah Carey, but that's not all the two have been up to lately. The-Dream stopped by L.A.'s Power 106 with Big Boy In The Morning, and talked about his new album and the fact that he hasn't gone to sleep yet because he was up all night with Mariah working on new material for her. According to The-Dream, Mariah is already working on a new album and he's been producing some hot new tracks for her. As you may already know, The- Dream is responsible for producing Mariah's huge hit ''Touch My Body'' off her current album E=MC2
  7. Glad to see Hev back.. i heard some of the album sounds dope the vid for long distance girlfriend is dope to.
  8. Kel Spencer - Y'all Know The Name Global Connections Mixtape (2008) Can't stop listening to this one...sick!!
  9. I tried but it kept saying link not found.
  10. Thanks alot bro apreciate it ... Hey Lhunagar do you have another file i could use megauploads not working for me.
  11. Mariah Carey - I'm That Chick E=MC2 (2008)
  12. Thanks for the vid Ale, the rapper couldn't be more lost to the actor if Will's forgeting summertime atleast he go the first few lines in.. Will get with jeff and do some shows!!
  13. Man i'd love to here those tracks he did with timbaland.. and here some of the tracks he produced himself it's hard to believe he hasn't recorded anything new since lost and found.
  14. AJ you are always here to give that little bit of hope haha!
  15. Robin Thicke feat. Mary J Blge - Magic (Remix)
  16. Hey could anyone please re-up Holla Back, From Da South, Get Hyped, New Kids On The Block and Party Starter Kon-tempt remix i just lost them since i got a new laptop thanks in advance.
  17. Hey guys hope you all had a great christmas.. i know i did!
  18. I hope one of those things in development is talking to jeff about an album..if he's not signed on for any movies.
  19. TLC - Sleigh Ride Platinum Christmas (2000) I love this one!
  20. Maybe when he wins an oscer he'll want to go back to music.. i hope atleast we got kel and jeff for right now.
  21. Quad City DJ,s feat. 69Boyz + K-Knock - What You Want For Christmas Quad City All star Christmas (1995)
  22. I've gotta download this but i never downloaded anything off of zshare.. is it any different from rapid share? just checking before i download.
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