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  1. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - Summertime '98 (Soulpower Remix)
  2. Hey AJ if you got another copy i would definetly pay you for one!
  3. This is my fav version of Jazzy's Groove.. i think JJFP need a remix album out they have alot of dope remixes love to have them together on a cd.
  4. Yeah i'd love to have these to tracks.. i've never heard this version of with FP on it i got to have this!!
  5. house of pain say what!? that's a killer line up.
  6. Yeah i'm glad to see MJ going into the hall of fame defo, deserves it!! Alvin and The Chipmunks - Ain't No Party
  7. If JJFP videos count.. I'm Lookin For The One (To Be With Me) great song great video!!
  8. How do u keep finding this stuff Ale!.. remember this from one of the podcast episode but thanks's for the mp3.
  9. Like DefCEM i've had enough of Will's dramatic movies after Seven Pounds.
  10. Yeah same here a little bit more darker movie than part two.. but still have some comedy here and their hope it's true can't wait for a third MIB!.
  11. Kel Spencer - Mamma There Go That Man Right now my fav Kel joint the beat is just sick and kel's flow is on point.
  12. Jazzy Jeff + C L Smooth - All I Know one of my favs off TROTM!
  13. Yeah i'd love to here Will freestyle off the ''swagga like us'' beat and releasing some unreleased stuff doubt it will happen but i'm just glad Will's been in the studio again.
  14. Happy Birthday Trey!!! :thumbsup:
  15. Salt N Pepa - Champagne Latifah's back now can we get some new SNP!
  16. Yes Latifah's back can not wait for here album!! Rymefest did his thing definetly slept on artist Dope track. :thumbsup:
  17. Hey Guys i'm looking for Jazzy Jeff's full dance mix of Bart Simpson ''Deep Deep Trouble'' remix if anybodys got it thanks in advance.
  18. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - The Things That U Do (Hula's Radio Remix)
  19. This is DOPE THANK U JEFF!! :wickedwisdom:
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