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  1. I hope it's a proper world tour, so if they come to atlanta or somewere close i'd defenatly try to make it.. they'll probably just do the big city shows in the us. :shakehead: We need to let jeff know we want a live cd/dvd of the tour!
  2. C'mon i don't think it'll be a disapointment.. i'm sure they'll show a little bit more of the drama scenes in the next trailor. I'm hyped for this one.. gonna be a dope movie.
  3. WOW another good one, just heard We Alright and i like it alot. i'm gonna have to check for this one to. :thumbsup:
  4. Heat is the other bonus track on the japan version AJ, it's a pretty good club type track.. of the 2 tho i like 4real 4real. nice to hear da brat back. DMC + DOUG E FRESH - Lovey Dovey Checks Thugs And Rock & Roll (2006)
  5. Thanks AJ, i've had the album for a long time now so now i gotta get a new one.. totally worn out the cd haha!. I need to get a new And In This Corner To.
  6. Glad you had a great night with the Magnificent.. just wish he did more shows back in the states!
  7. Hope this is true. love to see Will and nick in the Wild Style battle.
  8. Thanks Tim finally a good rap album thats fun i'm diggin Differences and Cakewalk :wickedwisdom: I'm definatly gonna check for this can you get the album from amazon?
  9. Awesome Congrats schnazz!! dope name haha!!
  10. Man Abdominal's got skills thanks Brakes :thumbsup:
  11. Have fun Brakes!!, definately give a shot that'd be dope if you could get Jeff on board for some scratches.. can't wait to hear that track to!
  12. Happy b-day Agel Gurl!! glad your having a good one :party:
  13. Welcome to da boards man!!!
  14. Props, to Will for being experimental on Born to reign.. very underratted ''Act like ya know'' ''Block party'' Nothin on my mind'' are some of my fav, tracks i wish Tra-Knox had a chance to get there album out i liked them but thought they were a little bit of an overkill on the album.
  15. Thanx nice review AJ, i've been a big Mariah fan every since the Daydream album (one of my favs) i wish MC didn't go for what was so-called hot and got wack artist like young jeezy and t-pain i haven't got it yet but i'll still give it a good listen.. Mariah's one of my favorite artists she always puts out good quality albums gotta get this one.
  16. Digable Planets - It's Good To Be Here Reachin (A New Refutation Of Time and Space) (1993) Man i want a new DP album!!.. are they still working on it or what!?
  17. Yeah, I think it's a pretty good show.. i know cause my little cousin drags me to watch it with her haha. but big props to jaden!
  18. Kris Kross ft. Supercat - Jump (Supercat Mix) Jump Maxi Single (1992)
  19. Thanks Visqo appreciate man! feelin alot better it's a wonder what nitetime can do for ya ha ha...
  20. I don't even have a Wii yet... it's like trying to find a needle in a hey stack to get one of these things :shakehead: Nintendo really needs to step up shipment.
  21. Favorite will action movie Bad Boys!!... now all i want is a 3rd movie.
  22. Hey guys!! haven't been online this past week been feelin pretty sick all week.. but i've been feelin better today. hope i haven't missed any news!
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