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  1. Nice new look... i'll be picking up a shirt next month. hey tim is jeff gonna be touring the U.S soon to?
  2. Happy Birthday Big Will!!!!!! Heeeeyyyyy!!!
  3. Man i can't wait for Naught's album.. and Latifah's i hope FP's hereing this!
  4. I bought mine when they came out..i think i'm might by them again since amazon's got them for 14.99 but it still doesn't make any since that we don't have the last two seasons on dvd by now that music clearance for the show just seems like a really lame excuse i haven't watched my dvd's in a while i'm gonna have to pop in season 3. my fav season!
  5. JJFP - Just Kickin It this track is just dope... :wickedwisdom:
  6. I don't know about you guys but i'm starting to get a little impatiant waiting so long for new music.. i hope he does something after his next movie.
  7. Tatyana Ali feat. Lord Toriq and Peter Gunz - Daydreamin (Darkchild Remix)
  8. Awesome track!! i'm not to big a fan of latifah's jazz stuff.. but if she did an R-N-B i'd definetly get it.
  9. Happy Birthday... have a great one fam!!!
  10. Nice & Smooth - Sometimes I Rhyme Slow Ain't A Damn Thing Changed (1991)
  11. How da beat goes is probably my third fav track off B2R next to Act like you know and block party.. but we all know it doesn't compare to his classic stuff but still good.
  12. Damn this is a hot track.. why can't we here more like this on the radio this is real hip hop! i didn't even know skillz had an album comin out.. i'm gonna hve to check for it.
  13. Yeah, my cousin told me about it a couple days ago.. i thought this has to be fake this sucks theirs never gonna be anyone else like the Mac man.. he told it like it T-I IS. R.I.P
  14. It's been way overdue for some new Heavy d.. i'm feelin the track.hope an albums not far behind.
  15. Hey guys!!! sorry i haven't been online for a while my laptop just complety crashed on me.. i just got it back working a couple hours ago. but i totally need a brand new laptop Thanks for the birthday wishes i had a dope one!!
  16. I don't know about the unreleased stuff.. right now i just want a brand new album to bump. i just listened to Lost and Found and now i want more! I'd love to have an album with some unreleased material and some good remixes thrown in their, but like AJ said exclusively for the hardcore fans.. like us haha.
  17. Nah!, our fingers might be a little sore from clicking over and over.. but i think we'll be ok cookies haha! I got in 3 votes yesterday and about 4 today it worked for me twice in a row yesterday but i had to come back acouple hours later i'm defo, trying to get as many votes in though.
  18. NICE Thanks Tim!!! :wickedwisdom:
  19. HEAVY D ft, Big Daddy Kane + Kool G Rap + Grand Puba + Q-Tip + Pete Rock & CL Smooth Don't Curse
  20. haha Yeah, i just got in 2 votes just now. i clicked out and it let me vote again.. but it didn't let me do it a 3rd time, so i'm gonna try again later.
  21. Yeah, were hoping for an album and a tour. i'm not starting to believe what he says about music to the press.. but when he talks to his fans he says he's not giving up on music. i think we'll defo, her something soon i hope! And Welcome to the Boards Rams!
  22. Happy Birthday!! Vib :party: :wiggle:
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