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  1. THE Magnificents done it again!!, real smooth track!
  2. Me either, been disapointed to many times.. i'll believe it when i here it straight from FP.
  3. Damn this sucks!! i was looking foward to watching the concert online... can't they atleast reschedual the premier instead of cancelling it. :thumbdown:
  4. Same here for me.. Code Red is fav, album but i went with He's The DJ as their best.
  5. JJFP - He's The D,J I'm The Rapper (album)
  6. MC LYTE - Wonder Years anybody knows if Lyte's album is still coming out?.. i hate it when the Legends of the game have to fight to get their stuff out.
  7. Hey, i ain't scared of the hammer haters AJ.. i saw some rare remix hammer cd's on ebay a while back to. how much was to tight going for and $600 for Family Affair, i'd love to have that to but Damn!!
  8. MC Hammer - Uncoonditional Love Too Tight Unreleased (1996)
  9. Man Thank U AJ!!!, from one hammer fan to another.. at first i thought this was a new album coming out but never new this was recorded in 96 with 2pac, and i wonder why this never came out too late's a dope track!
  10. HAHA, no way I forgot about Born To Reign.. listening to I Can't Stop right now. de de de de de de de.
  11. Oh yeah my bad.. some of those bandwagon fan came back when switch came out tho'
  12. Peedie's voice is just annoying.. the track had to grow on me alot, it's defefinatly the weakest track on the album. just wish FP could have got on a remix.
  13. HAHA nice!! i still got to get me a mic so i can be apart of one of these.. love the capital radio sessions!
  14. I wonder what happen to all those people who bought willennium but not L+F.
  15. Mariah Carey ft Damian Marley - Cruise Control
  16. Happy Birthday Miss Ash hope you had a good one :2thumbs:
  17. Yeah, we know Will's still gonna record it's just a matter of time.
  18. HELL YEAH!!!, i thought i was totally gonna miss out on seing JJFP.. now i get to watch them online i cannot wait. and backed up by a live band to this is gonna be sick.. you guys in sydney are so lucky haha.
  19. By Brandan Synclair, Gamespot Nearly a year ago, Tecmo teased gamers with a new installment of its original football franchise, Tecmo Bowl, all the pubisher said at the time was that the game would arrive in 2008 and that it was ''not going to be on the platform you're thinking of right now''. It appears people weren't thinking about the Nintendo DS, as Tecmo today announced Tecmo Bowl Kickoff for the handheld. Based on the Tecmo Super Bowl game of the 1990's, Kickoff will include series staples like an arcade-style approach to the gridiron and cutscenes to emphasise big plays. The game may not have an NFL licence deu to Electronic Arts' exclusivity deal with the league, but Kickoff will feature a default 32-team league and custamizable that allow users to choose colors, emblems,names and more. Gamers will also be able to create their own playbooks. The DS debut off Tecmo Bowl will use the system's WI-FI abilites for local and online multiplayer matches, and the touch screen can be used to control players. Tecmo Bowl; Kickoff is scheduled for release this fall and has not yet been rated.
  20. HAHA awesome Kev!.. if you meet alfonzo ask him who really came up with the carlton dance lol!.
  21. D.J.Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Pump Me Up Freakin It single (2000)
  22. Thanks alot for those AJ!.. i'm a big TLC fan to their first album was a classic. i'd love to get left eye's supernova album were can you find it AJ? (oh yeah you forgot to add MC Lyte to that list of femal emcess who paved the way).. the only ones i like now is Missy Elliott and Da Brat. Left eye was truly one of a kind tho' her voice and her style is definatly missed.. still loved her and FP on the Big Willie Style track.
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