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  1. I still don't get twitter.. oh well come on guy what does Jeff have cookin!!?
  2. Left Eye ft. TLC + Missy Elliott - Lets Just Do It EYE LEGACY (2009)
  3. Yeah Brakes, i know its rare now but ''Rock The House'' shouldn't be that much.. and i've been looking around amazon for jjfp singles ''Summertime'' and 'I'm Looking for The One'' and someones trying to sell summertime for $60.00 that's just crazy!
  4. Yeah the lyrics are dope but that beat just doesn't fit.
  5. Happy Bday Dude :party: :thumbsup:
  6. NICE you guys!!.. can't wait to hear that track
  7. Yeah i was pissed, cause when i saw the thread i got a little excited there for a second then i started to think wait a minute let me read first and found out it was fake.. any little bit of hope Will's gonna do another album would get me hyped but it's all good though no ones gonna shoot the messenger.
  8. Hey guys next time you wanna set up a game here's my code 3051-2960-0325 I'm adding you guys code right now.. i'll see ya next game i'm comin for ya Brakes haha!
  9. Awseome Jim!! have a great time bro :thumbsup:
  10. This is a really really really really really BAD JOKE NOT FUNNY first of all i doubt if Will even knows what twitter is.. unless Jeff's told him and if he was releasing an album next year wouldn't he have made an official announcement an his website or on tv!
  11. They've got to put this game up on the Wii's shop channel to download.. that would be sweet!
  12. That's one of my favorite SNES games and one of my favorite all time games... loved playing with JJFP in the game and the beastie boys and Bill Clinton haha!!
  13. Congrats to FP and Rosario Dawson!!.
  14. Though i haven't liked bow wow's stuff in a long time this is pretty good... hope JD can get him back on track.
  15. SICK!!!... i have got to see Jeff live some day.
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