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  1. Congrats to FP and Rosario Dawson!!.
  2. Though i haven't liked bow wow's stuff in a long time this is pretty good... hope JD can get him back on track.
  3. SICK!!!... i have got to see Jeff live some day.
  4. I just picked up my Wii last week!! I'll join you guys next month when i pick up the game.
  5. Heavy D & The Boyz - Blue Funk Blue funk (1992)
  6. Yeah i don't really like house music to.. but this is nice!
  7. Have a great time today Tim Happy Birthday!!
  8. Awesome! Love the original.. wasn't that the version that they played on the halloween episode of fpoba on the first season and the one that's on the very best of cd?
  9. Me-DMC.com From the block, from the street corner, from the hallway, from the ally, from the schoolyard, from the park, from the basement, from the garage...DMC Presents Block Music! ''Probably the greatest thing ever created'' DMC Presents; The Origins of Block Music. The new single ''Block Music Education'' COMING SOON!
  10. Digable Planets - 9th Wonder (Blackitolism)
  11. I remember that classic performance!! Will knows how to put on a show give me hope cause we know how much Will love to be on stage.
  12. Great interview thanks Ale!.. Man 2 and a half million for He's the DJ now tell me why they won't rerelease that album with remixes and some live stuff!
  13. RUN DMC - Together Forever (Krush Groove 4) Live
  14. Man, now i want season 5 and 6 even more thanks for that Ale!
  15. Just keep ya head up AJ i got your back all the way Take care fam!
  16. I never would have thought this day would happen.. the first african american to become president of the united states i'm watching online and on tv i'm hyped to this is History ya'll!!
  17. What's up with that Brakes that sucks!! and your ''Tell Me Why'' vid was dope fresh from sofia.. why they delete it?
  18. That's the one, THANKS Big Willie Does anybody have another file for those jjfp bsides stupid megaupload won't work for me.
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