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    Here is some of the jazzyjefffreshprince.com crew - there was a lot of us there.. there was heaps of JJFP fans there it was incredible to see - everyone had made their own JJFP t-shirts! Brakes shirt got a lot of love! I'll write a whole article about the experience I just need time to process it but the concert was a lifelong dream and it was as good as I had hoped. Amazing experience. For those that couldn't go, Lynette, Jeff's wife said that when Will and Jeff got off the stage in Croatia the look in their eyes said they were going to do more of these shows...
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    The JJFP.com crew with our golden tickets, waiting to get in. In front of the stage. Will and Jeff and the mayor of Blackpool Me and JJFP The best selfie ever taken. The greatest hug ever! Will killing it
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    Greatest show I have ever been to! It was just amazing seeing them live. I've been a fan for almost 20 years and it was a dream come true. Great setlist, great effects and visuals. Loved every second of it. Boom! was such a great opener. And Brand New Funk and I Wanna Rock were my favorites! The new song is dope, something for the clubs. Hoping this will give us more music... (an album maybe?!)
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    OK, so here is my version of what happened yesterday, this may take a while, sorry its so long. So i get to Blackpool at about midday, we were all so paranoid we'd have traffic problems etc, so we all agreed to just get their early. I soon discovered that Blackpool doesn't appear to have internet lol, so i was struggling to get on whatsapp to contact anyone. Me and my best friend Kim head towards Blackpool tower and discover Brakes by a lamppost. Soon Kev and Tim turn up and Kev's mate Tim. We all hung out in a weatherspoons (dodgy pub) just outside the venue, having a drink and catching up. At 3pm we notice a crowd is forming to we get in the queue. We then spot Michelle (fresh princess) and her husband, then soon enough the jjfp.com crew all join us one by one. There were Will Smith t shirts everywhere, mostly fpoba themed but some JJFP ones too. There were also armed guards which is unusual in the UK, and we even heard they had a sniper on the roof. After the attack in Manchester arena, they took no chances. We finally got into the arena at 5pm. We got to the front row and got chatting to some fans who were all really nice while waiting for the support acts. Kev then gets a message from Steve saying those who had met Jeff could go backstage. I felt like a jerk to the others at this point, coz we kinda disappeared, not really knowing what was gonna happen ourselves. We waiting by the side of the golden circle for Steve to appear, in the meantime Neil was stuck outside the arena in a massive queue and was due to come with us backstage. Steve comes out and says hes gonna have a word with security. In the meantime he somehow finds Neil and gets him in. We wait round for a while again and this massive dude comes who looks like hes in charge of security. They took it VERY seriously and had a word with us to basically behave haha. Steve says hes gonna arrange a time for us and will be back in 30 mins. So he takes us backstage to all the trailers and coaches and tells us to wait in the musicians trailer. They tell us to help ourselves to drinks and snacks so we grab some water and energy bars. We hang out in there for maybe 30-45 mins. Jeff quickly pops by and says hey, we met Jeffs wife Lynette who was lovely. She remembered meeting the guys from years ago, i hugged her and said i'd never met her before, but she said she knew who i was. Lynette also said Will and Jeff have definitely got the buzz for more shows after seeing them get off stage after Croatia. We ask Steve about croatia and he said it was amazing. He starts telling us this hilarious story, their hotel was on an Island, so they got to the show on a boat. He says there was this chick in the water just floating there trying to get to Will haha. Tim was like, its Loretta! So Steve gets us and takes us past all the trailers and suddenly there he is, Big Will. He was talking and taking pics with people with professional photographers around. He sees us and comes over, he like "Come and get a photo" so somewhere we have a proper photo of us but i've no idea where we find it. We all say hi to him, the guys do their bro hugs and i say, "Can i just go for the hug". He then gets Brakes phone and takes a selfie of us all. Then the mayor of Blackpool comes over with his people, they start getting photos and make small talk. Will then come back over to us. I can't remember who said what, so you guys may have to correct me. We ask about the croatia show and Will says it was amazing. He then pulls his phone out of his pocket and starts showing us pictures. In my head im just thinking, omg i'm looking at photos on Wills phone. Kev says something like its been a long time coming and Will says "Yeah hasn't it Jeff", Kev then calls Will out and says "Don't be blaming the wait on Jeff" haha. We then all get individual photos with JJFP. He says it was nice meeting us and i get a second hug off him, which my friend Kim captured on camera. He nips off into his trailer, and that's our queue to leave. We get back to the golden circle and find a big space at the back, not as near to the front as we were before, but still super close so we can't complain. The show was incredible. I might get the set list a bit mixed up but Tim has a photo of the order. They start out with Boom, Will pops up, fire is coming from the stage with explosions and the crowd goes wild. It was number 1 in the UK and Will killed it. He then does brand new funk. Now a lot of casual fans won't know this, they especially don't know the video version. So when it comes on, the crowd is a little quieter, but not us. I looks over at Tim, Brakes and Kev, and us 4 are "Yo, let me talk to you, let me have a word with you". Tims cousin was a few rows back and could hear us. He did a few big willie style tracks, Miami, Jiggy, MIB. He then takes us through the story of JJFP, he does Girls Ain't Nothin but trouble and tells the crowd it was their first single, then parents which won the first rap grammy, then threw nightmare on my street in. He then does "Just the two of us", its far from my favorite song but the performance was amazing. He had pics of his kids in the background, mostly of Trey, and was telling the crowd to tell whoever they're with that they love them etc. So then he says he has a new song. I had no idea this was happening, i don't know how we didnt find out. He says he wrote it because there is so much negativity in the world, you need your inner light to shine. Out it comes and its a club banger. It probably won't be my favorite song, but i enjoyed it. I'm ok with some modern music, and it was basically him trying to go with the times. When the beat dropped the crowd went crazy, hopefully inspiring him to release it. I'd definitely like to hear a recorded version of it to appreciate it fully. He does summertime which is obviously amazing and then leaves the stage, they come back on to an encore and does switch with the mix of the fpoba theme. There was 25,000 people singing it back to him. Then as it finishes a massive firework display goes off from the beach on our right (apparently Will paid out £40,000 for it). I waiting so long for this to happen, and it was totally worth the wait, the show was everything you could want it to be and more and the added shock of "Lets get Lit" made it even better. We all went to the chippy to recharge our battery's and caught up on the days events and headed our separate ways. Our social media has gone nuts with our pics and Jeff has responded to all of us, he even shared my photo album on his page today! Yesterday was incredible and i'm so glad i got to share it with you guys from the forum. Tim, your website made all this happen, and Brakes and Kev, we got backstage because of the relationship you formed with Jeffs crew. I hope this does happen again, but if it doesn't, i'm more than satisfied now. My ultimate shadow dream finally came true.
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    if anything he isnt taking his career/life for granted hes actually living it, hes worked for what hes got and should be able to enjoy it gotta respect him for that, hell put something out when he feels its right
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    Julie, reading your post gave me goosebumps...im still recovering from the whole experience, was great seeing you guys again and meeting fans for the first time. The show itself was insane, so emotional and utterly feels like a dream now I am back to my reality of housework and screaming children lol. Can't say I wasn't gutted that I didn't meet them but I am genuinely pleased for those that did as I know it was a dream come true...and I'll keep hoping my time will come. And hey, as my kids aren't babies any more I hope to see some of you at some Jeff gigs if I can make them.
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    Only the guys that Jeff already knew got backstage according to Julie's recap. Thanks to you guys I was able to have a spot in the front row, which I really enjoyed. Check out my recording of Boom! Shake The Room on YouTube.
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    Ah man! Can't believe I have only just found this forum! I have been a fan since the early 90''s and have all their albums. I have been lucky enough to meet Jeff in my home town Nottingham when he did a set here. Last night was amazing! I have always wanted to see them live and still can't believe I did it last night!! I look forward to interacting with you all :-) I have some photos and videos from last night and will upload them when I figure out how to :-)
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    Vinyl Destination Tour - April & May

    Hi everyone! I hope you have all been well and 2016 has started off being a fantastic year for you. We are going to announce all of the spring tour dates tomorrow so I thought I'd touch base with you. If any of you plan on attending the shows and would like to say hi to Jeff or take a photo with him after the show, please be sure to drop me an email and I'll work it out for you. Aside from this tour, Jeff has been playing in the States A LOT and had a wildly successful SXSW. He did an interview with Ebro Darden on Beats1 where he talks about never being worried about being replaced by an ipod. Here's the link in case you want to give it a listen: https://itunes.apple.com/us/post/idsa.1cc98f68-ec92-11e5-9609-3cab93fc3d23 He also remixed Anderson Paak's "Room In Here" which available exclusively on Apple Music. Last month, Jeff flew a bunch of musicians and producers in to start work on a new project. I can't confirm or deny the title of the new project BUT i can tell you we've been using #M3 as the hashtag. :) We have also started working on this year's PLAYLIST Retreat which is super exciting. In case you missed it, this is the short video we made of the retreat we hosted last August. That's pretty much what's been happening in the world of DJ Jazzy Jeff. One last thing ... I know you are all wondering and the answer is YES! Yes, Jeff & Will will be on a stage again in 2016. We have been working tirelessly to try and get a JJFP show on the books so stay tuned!
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    Hey all. So i just got back home from seeing Jeff and Dayne at the Jazz Cafe last night. The crowd was electric as was Jeff's set. I; gonna put up a couple of videos later of how Dayne is being incorporated in. For the most part he lets Jeff do his ting which is great but Jeff also give Dayne time to get up and show the world what he's about. Anyway i got to chat with both of them for a solid half hour after the show. Jeff was telling me about how Will has been showing Jeff a lot of stuff he's recorded / written and Jeff is impressed with it. Jeff is more confident now than ever before that now is the right time for Will's return. Jeff's adamant on finding making the right music for this. He's been telling Will he doesn't need a hit single. They spoke about how they're not in it for fame and money but for the love. Will seems focused at the moment. Let's hope shooting Suicide Squad doesn't take him away from the game plan too much. Also, expect Dayne and Jeff's full length album to drop in July. You won't be dissapointed. Speaking to Dayne you can see why him and Jeff has the chemistry that maybe others Jeff has worked with haven't quite worked out. The two of them together are making magic. Dayne was telling me how in awe he was of Jeff and Will doing the show in Toronto the other week and how the on stage chemistry is for them. Dayne is a humble guy who is just happy to be learning all of this and taking in the experiences.
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    A message from Jeff

    hahaha .. you guys are crazy! Here you go ...
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    Jada Pinkett Smith Dines in London After Sound of Change Live Concert http://gossipcenter.com/jada-pinkett-smith/jada-pinkett-smith-dines-london-after-sound-change-live-concert-865143
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    JJFP in London for After Earth

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    Jazzy Jeff @ Jazz Cafe

    A fantastic night of music, insight and friendship. See I been doing this site for some 16 odd years, and I've seen many people come and go, but there are a few who stick with us. That don't need a heap of news, or a new Will Smith or Jazzy Jeff album to roll on by. Y'all know who that is, and that's a family. When I've seen Kev, or Brakes or Jim go see Jeff and have an awesome time nothing puts a bigger smile on my face. Over the years though, as I've seen these photos I've thought, wow wouldn't it be great if we saw Jeff together. So when a trip planned 8 months ago, and a rare UK tour coincide in life, you know it's meant to be. We all met up early, around 4:00. It is funny that other people have commented how natural our conversation, back and forth and obvious friendship shines through. Sure we've known each other on this site for years, but this was the first time we'd ever met in real life. My cousin Lawrence, Kev's mate Alan, all got the same vibe. My cousin Alison came along, and she suggested a Japanese restaurant right near the Jazz Cafe for dinner. So we made our way over their about 5:30 and Kev & Alan got to have some food they'd never tried before. Bernie joined us which was great. It was Jeff's tour of Australia in 2006 when we first met, and she'd first met Darnell. It was definitely strange not having Darnell there, Skillz, Darnell & Jeff had been touring together for 8 years, you just never imagined him not being there. He always took good care of the fans on this site and you know he will kill the next project or event he's running. As we had a great dinner-- the food was incredible, we made some unsuccessful attempts to organise the interviews with Cris, Jeff's video guy. Eventually we headed into the Jazz Cafe. When we got there it was 3/4 full, but within half an hour this show was a sellout and they opened up the balcony as the club's small space soon filled out. The vibe was good people, here to have fun with some good music. The opening DJ's played some classic hip hop records, then we were treated to some UK rap legends who performed a few tracks each. Just after 10, Jeff finally took the stage. It really was a great mix of music from Jeff, current rap hits, back to west coast & east coast anthems, reggae records-- there really was no boundaries in this set. Yeah it even included cheesy 80s hits like Toto's Africa, alongside Touch of Jazz gems like Floetry's Floetic, smells like teen spirit, and classic 80s soul jams. Skillz had the crowd jumping as Jeff went from one music classic to the next. For the JJFP fans we got some old school routines, "I Wanna Rock" & "Live at Union Square." The surprise of the night was he's the greatest dancer into Getting Jiggy Wit It. A pretty easy track for Brakes, Kev & I to rap along to. The two hours of music flew by, the crowd left sweating, and they slowly left knowing they'd seen one of the worlds best DJ's and had one hell of a party. After the show we made our way backstage to see Jeff. He hadn't slept in 4 days and was feeling pretty sick but was kind enough to spend a little time chatting. What ensued was a fantastic conversation. See in this room we had Kev, Brakes & myself, our combined knowledge of all things JJFP clicked into gear. Jeff was able to shed some light on many things we'd never known, and the conversation that flowed like THE DJ, was magnificent. For instance when Jeff first saw his son Amir jump in the booth and spit some amazing rhymes, Jeff was forced to look away so his son couldn't see the tears flowing from the amazingly proud father. Or that on the back of 4 months work in the studio on Willennium, how the rap duo was all set to do a world tour before the movie business and Ali, quickly took priority. Little tid bits of information flowed out that filled in the gaps of an amazing career, and gave these longtime fans some amazing knowledge. We were all lucky to be there. As 20 minutes flew by as if it was 20 seconds, we were told Jeff's car was ready, and the club was ready to close. Kev, Brakes & I headed downstairs to complete our interviews for Cris. Cris had the cameras set up, while DJ Spinone asked us some questions. Interesting questions, like how does Jeff inspire you, or what is so unique about you being a fan. I think we had some good answers so it will be interesting to see how the video turns out. I think it shows the positive effect Jeff & Will's music had on our lives, and we make good cases for going out to see a Jazzy Jeff show. And that was it. As we hustled out of the club into the nightime drizzle, the time closer to 2am, the trains now closed and few options for Brakes to get back home we all knew we'd had a great night. A great experience, that was a long time coming. Brakes, Kev, I know we are gonna be friends for life. What a great way to hang out and finally see Jeff after all these years. It was all meant to be.
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    Translation: I'm a racist, so I must be right. Translation: I have never been to a country outside of america, so I am completely ignorant and have no understanding about the world. I couldn't even comprehend that a little boy in a "****hole country" would be happier than my own pathetic self. Translation: How dare someone protect young children and the poor by offering them healthcare, even though most of the world is able to do this, see if we spend less money somehow that will solve all our problems. Translation: Anyone who disagrees with me must be a scumbag, and I am so outraged by this I need to go on to a fan site and post my tirade anonymously to make me feel better.
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    I dont think ive got enough to do today, i might pop by a Justin Beiber forum and talk about how much a dislike him.
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    Back in the UK in April

    So last night I made the trip to Manchester......I always believed that JJ was the baddest DJ on the planet but seeing him do the "rock the bells" routine with 45's/7" totally confirmed it....."magnificent!"
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    JumpinJack AJ

    My New Video

    Funny....I laughed out a loud a few times.
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    JayZ says "takeover" beat out "Ether"

    The Roots, yes.. the rest should not be on that list. Thats the nonselloutyetstillcpopishlist right there, It Was Written and Illmatic are masterpieces.. Thats it tho. The rest of his albums were good, just good. Jigga made three classics, not as good as Illmatic, but as good as It Was Written.
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    The JJFP Forum library

    Aight I thought it would be nice with a little library. In this message you can check out all the information that has been written about a certain CD or track (and youre not into the search function) through all times (only the stuff in this forum tho haha). Unimportant stuff like Will being on TRL for five minutes a year ago is not in the library, and the same thing with most stuff regarding movies, other rappers and stuff like that. Forum/site related topics What happened to the old forum? Discussion about Will/Jeff visiting the site Tim wants to know if we want JJFP.com shirts Someones unhappy with the forum Wes is back - and he has written like a book about it Before the redesigning of the site Heros JJFP puzzle JJFP on other CDs than JJFP CDS/Mixes Hiphop Box DJ GTS Will mix Word about Word 1 and 2 AJ tells us about the non-album jjfp stuff How... How many tracks have Fresh Prince recorded How tall is Jeff/Will How to get rare stuff How to get JJFP albums/posters/other stuff How many albums have Will/Jeff done How people get into JJFP Caption Contest Contest I Contest II Willreigns contest Willreigns second contest Willreign with another caption Caption Contest 3 Caption by Willreign again Willreigns fourth contest Willreign with a new contest TopDawgs caption A Dog Is A Dog slaughtering downloading person + A Dog Is A Dog talk Brand New Funk Jim reminds us of the smoothness of BNF and Summertime Cant Wait To Be With You Cant Wait To Be With You - deep Girls Aint Nothin But Trouble Talkin about the original GANBT version Girls Aint Nothin But Trouble "FPoBA version" Guys Aint Nothin But Trouble Guys Aint Nothin But Trouble questions and thoughts I Wanna Rock I Wanna Rock versus Pump Me Up Im Looking For The One Im Looking For The One - underrated Im Looking For The One video version Just Kickin It Just Kickin it/diss tracks discussion Just One Of Those Days Just One Of Those Days appreciation Jeff Waz On The Beatbox Jeff Waz On The Beatbox appreciation post Live At Union Square (november 1986) Photos from Union Square 86-question FP cussin at union square? You Saw My Blinker Reality talk about You Saw My Blinker You Saw My Blinker - odd? Twinkle Twinkle (Im Not A Star) Twinkle Twinkle (Im Not A Star) appreciation/discussion This Boy Is Smooth This Boy Is Smooth appreciation Trapped on the dance floor Opinions The Things That U Do Snippet from music video Jims thoughts Summertime Summertime during the olympics New guy wondering over Summertime sample Jim reminds us of the smoothness of BNF and Summertime Which Summertime remix is the best one, hero wonders The mysteries about Summertime Yearing for the summertime Shadow Dreams Shadow Dreams talking Nightmare On My Street Nightmare On My Street on the radio Was there ever a Nightmare On My Street music video? Nightmare On My Street music video discussion again Albums New JJFP album? Forcing Jive to remastering discussion What tracks do you want to have remaked? Platinum & Gold collection - worth getting? Favorite album? Greatest Hits Two different Greatest Hits versions Code Red What happened to Code Red? Hero rating BWS/Code Red tracks Favorite Code Red-track New Code Red CD design Homebase The beats The artwork Best Homebase track Lerkot reviewing Homebase And In This Corner... Best track A little talk about And In This Corner Lerkot reviewing And In This Corner He's the DJ, Im the Rapper People showing love for He's the DJ album AJ wants a re-release He's The DJ album B-sides/Remixes B-side listening + where you can find them Another B-side/Remixes list (bigger) Dont Fight The Feeling discussion AJ orders Boom Remix Kev wondering about Boom remix Higher Baby talk Best Lovely Daze remix Which Summertime remix is the best one, hero wonders Word about Word 1 and 2 B-side talk + Lovely Daze music video talk Short Family Christmas talk hero posting Family Christmas AJ tells us about the non-album jjfp stuff Top 3 b-sides Will in Sexy Lady remix Lovely Daze musicvideo talk JJFP made a track named Ki Ki Ri Bu? Lovely Daze remixes info Polls JJFP Greatest asset Will Will win 4th July week? How long have you been a fan Best b-side Boom vs Boom Street Remix Best Lovely Daze remix How many JJFP tracks have you downloaded? Which Summertime remix is the best one Tim wants to know if we want JJFP.com shirts Will and Jeffs solo stuff is fighting in a poll Best JJFP track-poll Should Will quit acting and go back to JJFP? Album most listened to How many tracks with Jeff on L&F? JJFP or Will Smith? How many JJFP albums do you have and when did you get em Your first JJFP album Whats your favorite JJFP album? Best track ever Weakest JJFP album Best/worst/most lists Best lines The greatest hits? Which is the best track on each album? Discussion about which song Will thinks is the best/worst Most underrated JJFP song Favorite Code Red-track Best chorus Most overrated track Best of JJFP compilation CD Which album disappointed you the most? Alltime best JJFP songs Top 3 favorite JJFP songs Top 3 b-sides Top 3 best single/album covers Best verse/line Your JJFP setlist JJFP Live reports/live discussions Will in Australia Hero talkin bout JJFP tour London concert summer 2004 Photos from Union Square 86-question Loretta in Africa? Your JJFP setlist Graphics Old Skool text banners Wap mobile phone stuff Avatar pictures Wallpapers Extremely dope JJFP pics New Code Red CD design People posting collections Another wallpaper Typhoon20 showing wallpaper skills Others/Stories Strange dadl Will Joke Dancing to Jiggy with it You ever use a Will line? Difference btw oldschool and newschool The Real Big Willie mets Jada & Will New guy getting slaugthered because of downloading Luda blasts Summertime/JJFP Heros code red-shirt Heros signed cds FP lyrics of fury Before The Willenium 2004 edition Prof Will worked with Wycleaf Jonny asking about longetivity JJFP in GTA: San Andreas discussion Jeff goin mooovie star Audio interview with JJFP from 1991 Discussion about the importance of selling and stuff Extremely hot Will news last summer Interesting about Charlie Mack Will says he prefers the music Will working with Kanye West discussion MTV Base rates best rappers Anybody seen Will battling? Nas and Will? Will Destroys! The Room Strange JJFP humour What you want Lost & Found to consist of? 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