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  1. Always great to see and hear those two together. Is it just me or did Jeff have a really disappointed look on his face when Will said "Thank god it's just one song."? --- I hope everyone in the jjfp-community is doing fine and stays healthy during this challenging time! :)
  2. I listened to this about 30 or 40 times by now and I just can't get this beat out of my head, it's insane. And the lyrics... let's just say I'm really really hyped. Let's hope he's got more like this coming. And now, I'm going back to listenting to it a few more times. :D
  3. It's about time! *-* Ok, if now Number 3 on that list will be ANYWHERE in Germany I'm so gettin' jiggy wit' this!!! :D
  4. Will believe it when I see it! And when that day comes, I will be completely hyped! But until then...
  5. A section for all the rare stuff would be great, be it old jjfp songs, interviews or anythings related. of course, rare songs, would be the most interesting part of it, I think. Songs like "Dance or Die" and so on.
  6. Wait, it's not April 1st, is it? So... where can I preorder tickets? :D
  7. did he say world tour with jeff? and more music coming up? is this real? :DDD I feel like a child on christmas today :D
  8. Just bought and downloaded it from amazon, too. Now I'm hyped to see what else is in the pipe. Still can't believe that the day has finally come! :D After listening to the song a few times I have to say it's growing on me more and more, even though it's not exactly what I expected. Or especially because it's unexpected. I really really like the fact that it's a song about party and having a good time, it's got the right flow.
  9. Finally SOMETHING! Is it my birthday yet?! :D A very very suprising sound, but not bad at all, I like it! And now announce a new album already! :D
  10. Aaaaaaaand still nothing. I don't wann sound too disappointed but... I'm disappointed. Still hoping something will come out of this.
  11. I love it! At first I thought we'd get the usual "Willywood-Treatment", but I'm glad I was wrong. The I wanna rock-part made me smile all over my face :D Will? More, more, more! btw: Nothing new on the album Jeff talked about a few months ago? I'm praying that it's really in the works. Pleeeeeeeease! xD
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