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'I Can't Stop' How good is it?


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I instantly loved the track when I first heard it. The flow is crazy and the production is good as well. I always gave Will props for making BTR even though most people hated it. I respected the fact that he took a chance and experimented with his music. I'd rather see artists do that than hear the same nonsense from everybody else.

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Well Will can't sing that well but who really can sing these days seriously, lol? The lyrics about his daughter are deep, he shoulda rapped it like "Just The Two Of Us" though but I still dig it 'cause I sing just as bad, lol. I agree that "Maybe" sucks though, it's so damn watered down, that makes NSync sound hardcore! :rofl:

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i hate it. not hard to flow to the beat. even though u could think so. good delivery. but the lyrics and chorus is trash

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Man, I never understood the hate this song gets (especially when you take into account what some of you consider good). It's a dance song, it's energy. The flow is excellent, and the delivery is on the spot. The music takes the song farther with its fast tempo (and as a plus, it's good).

God Blessa!

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