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  1. if it's not on the Official British Charts than it's not really important..it can be on million other charts on the uk but the important one is the Official, where it entered at num. 19...
  2. hate to say this but..the Party Starter position on the UK chart is 19 =( that's bad and sucks too!
  3. have you ever notest how ricky martin's new song "i don't care" sounds like 'i can't stop'??? even the title is almost the same. and will's mention on 'i can't stop' the sentence "livin' lavi da loca"..something strang about it.
  4. maybe someone can explane it to me : since 2002 there is less and less good music. pop lost it, hip hop lost it and rock lost it..sometimes there IS a good song but music channels and radio station don't wanna play it! and people all around you like this sh** music and forget how GOOD was music a few years ago..i really can't understand it!!! i don't think it's will's falt in any way and in my heart i believe he is here reading our comments and happy that he has fans like us!
  5. i hate to say this, but for me party starter is not his best track..i personally can't compare this track to tracks like 'men in black', 'wild wild west', 'gettin' jiggy wit it' and 'Will2k'..party starter reminds me a little beat of gangsta beats and 50 cent beats..ofcouse it's WAY better than this yet for me it's not his best single. i still thinks that 'Tell me Why' will be one if his best single and i do agree that songs like 'Party Starter' can get smith right back to the music scene.
  6. maby the video will promote the album too..the single is out in october right? then we will probably start seeing PS in late august..for some people that's enough
  7. i have'nt sense any harsh in your words..infact its the funniest thing i have ever heard! "EGG SAMDWICH..." LOL! you just made it up? i can't stop loughing..ha ha ha...
  8. hey.. someone wrote on the mini-bio in the main page that His latest movie "Hitch" is his 5th movie in a row to pass the 100 million dollar mark in the US BOXOFFICE which is not right. he has 9 movies between the 15 that got more than 100m. you can check the boxoffice site for this : http://www.boxofficemojo.com/people/chart/?id=willsmith.htm
  9. ya'll want a new single because you want the album to sale more..it's not like you really want to see the new video or something..it's just sales sales sales.. i remember when BWS released i didn't give a sh** about how many sales..i just wanted to see the new video and hear more from will.. is that what you realy want? more sales? because it's not up to us you know..
  10. sababa man this is my icq - 159020471 write me if you want
  11. it's ok man..it's not realy important (and adir knows i wrote it all (a-l-l) alone..but would it be nice to wrote your very own biography if you think of making a fan site of your very own? that would be much original..just a thought my name is alon by the way
  12. LOL.. nice site but you took alot of stuff from the willreign site.. for example the biography..which i wrote =)
  13. its ok body..where are you from? i'm from haifa (the most beautiful place in IL)
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