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  1. Just watched the video. Will killed it with the freestyle...
  2. I hope this is just what it is... a rumor. This needs to be one of those times a parent needs to make an executive decision and not allow this... http://allhiphop.com/2012/01/21/hip-hop-rumors-is-little-jaden-smith-joining-young-money/
  3. The Dreamer/The Believer is a solid album. Not quite classic like BE or Resurrection but it's a real good album. I personally like Ghetto Dreams with Nas. It goes hard. Yeah the subject matter is gritty but that's nothing new for Common. Check his earlier work before One Day It'll All Make Sense.
  4. Can we get the Can't Cut List changed? We should be able to cut anybody because of injuries & lack of performance. It's a stupid rule by Yahoo.
  5. I'll be there when Jeff & Jill Scott come to Chicago on July 31st. Got my tickets this past week. Incredibly excited about this...
  6. Words I Never Said is my second favorite song off the album next to All Black Everything. I love the fact Lupe speaks his mind even if I don't agree with everything he says. This song is pure fire!!
  7. My review on Lupe's new album, Lasers. Lupe Fiasco - Lasers Review
  8. Monday, September 6th is Labor Day in the U.S. so I don't know if everyone will be free. Sunday September 5th would be good. I can do the 6th -- I just need to make sure I'm home & not eating BBQ somewhere.
  9. I prefer the live draft and please do away with the can't cut list.
  10. Yahoo. It's way better than ESPN. Count me in!!!
  11. I co-sign on this 1000%. The Dream is a complete fool. And after seeing some recent pictures of the lovely Ms. Milian... I'm convinced the Teddy Ruxpin looking Dream is the world's biggest moron. Dream lost... Chrisitna Milian Shows The Dream What He's Missing
  12. This is Dead Prez's lead single off their Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz Mixtape. It's pure fire.... and it's what happens when REAL emcees get a hold of a hot beat.
  13. OK obviously this dude knows nothing about hip-hop. Sales should not be a part of the criteria. Hell, Vanilla Ice sold close to 10 million CDs does that put him on the list??? Any Top 10 list that does not include KRS-One and Rakim is immediately thrown out. Any Top 10 list that has Lil Wayne and/or 50 in it completely loses credibility. What happened to creativity and flow??? Again, Wayne is popular. Wocka Flocka is popular. Hell, Soulja Boy is popular. None of them deserve to be in the top 100!!
  14. Yeah this song goes hard. It will be added to my iPod & iPhone. Yeezy is back....
  15. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!! I am truly blessed to be another year older(and wiser hopefully). Thanks for the love fam!!!
  16. I've been banging Jay Electronica as of late. If you thought Exhibit A was nice then you should really check out Exhibit C: Jay Electronica - Exhibit C ]
  17. I heard it the other day. I thought it was pretty cool. Would love to hear the whole track.
  18. 50's first week sales were a flop. He entered the charts at #4 with approx. 157,000 units sold. This is critical since Rick Ross' Deeper Than Rap sold 160,000 units its first week.... and it debuted at #1. 50 Pennies went on radio & cried that his album was bootlegged excessively which led to the disappointing sales. Really, 50? REALLY?!?!?!!. Internet downloading has been going on for almost a decade & it didn't stop his other releases from doing better numbers. All I'll say is that karma comes back hard and it's coming back hard on 50.
  19. My wife got us two tickets to see it on Saturday night. I'm looking forward to seeing it.
  20. @AJ - I completely agree. @Jin - I listened to Kid Cudi's CD and I wasn't feeling it. Too much singing in it. I want to hear him spit some bars. I think Kid Cudi has the potential to be a good MC but I just wasn't feeling Man On The Moon. @Turntable - As soon as I saw the Lil' Boosie vs. Nas thread I left. Such nonsense.
  21. That's exactly what I thought. Some of those cats over on that board are insane. There was one post saying that Lil' Boosie is better than Nas. I go there whenever I need a good chuckle & I am never disappointed. Pure comedy.
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