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  1. First of all, what you described is not gangsta rap, it's commercial music in it's entirety. It's also a reality - it's what they relate to since being int he position they're in. Stop making excuses for Will, why would you think that's it's just a PR attempt? Because you feel that is is? Because you don't want to believe that he feels otherwise and likes something that YOU didn't think he would? Please. Dude's a grown man, if he can go on record with Snoop Dogg or say that Dr. Dre is a producer that he'd love to work with, support a movie starring T.I., or that he listens to 5.0 Cent what makes you think that he's just saying that for good PR? If Will is as genuine as you'd love for him to be, then you need to accept the he was genuine in what he said. Plus, look at Wills videos, that checklist also applies to him as well ("Party Starter" being a perfect example), he's also rapped about those same topics himself so he's not a saint in that right at all.
  2. Actually, I do agree that the difference between Petey's first and 2nd album is a big one. His first album (atleast to me) is a very well put together debut, and one of the better ones of that year that came out. He lost a lot of his energy I feel on his 2nd album (Along with Timbo, who half-assed his effort on the album), and that's why I only listen to the 2nd half of the album where he shows me WHY I became a fan in the first place. So far I've heard 3 songs off his new album ("Fire", "Give It Up" and "Show Me What You Got"), all produced by Lil' Jon - and not his cookie cutter beats either, and he seems to be back on the right track to a high energy album.
  3. Hate to break it to you, but this one's actually happening. They decided on it after they dropped 'Bump This' with G-Unit.
  4. 50 is famous for name dropping many "gangsters" from Queens and the crimes they did in his early tracks, so a lot of people accuse him of being a snitch.Many people say that thats the reason he was shot in the first place. If you're going to tell a story, please tell it right. Basically, the reason behind 50's snitch theory is because of a ONE song called "Ghetto Qu'ran", which is basically a tribute song to the old heads of his neighboorhood. Basically cats that he looked up to. At one point 50 was questioned about his involvement with Supreme, and he didn't say anything but "I don't know anything, listen to my music." Long story short, they tried using that song in court as evidence against Supreme.
  5. I aree with alot of what you said, except for the part about Petey Pablo. Stop listening to singles, and listen to his albums - Petey can get as deep as Will can, don't believe me listen to "He Spoke To Me", "I Swear", "Gonna be Country", et cetera. Not everyone can be positive image like Will, but there are still those who provide that image with their own struggle.
  6. Yup yup, and I owe that to you man, appreciate the hook up fo'real. And I want to make sure that the project is perfect, so I got my boys pullin out stops on the beats. Also, they're gonna be sliding Kel some production for his mixtape, so hopefully he chooses em.
  7. Talked to Kel about it, and once I get the production back from the camp, we're gonna try working on somethin together. Whoo! I'm crazy excited about this one.
  8. Dawg, I'm hopin to GOD that you weren't serious about the crying part...either that, or I hope you're some kind of metrosexual.
  9. http://www.myspace.com/blakkvi -- let the people say 'Its about time!'
  10. Hate to school you a bit homie, but last time I remembered, from the start Will was like everyone else in terms of his lyrics before his Grams found his notebook and schooled him otherwise. I take it you don't live in American then...
  11. I'm tired of the nitpicking about Born To Reign, but Hierolla knows all about that. Anyway, Tra-Knox had the potential to become a top group in this over saturated R&B Game with the right production and push, but like duke said it's now a what if than anything else.
  12. you are way too harsh on your judgement of Born 2 Reign..I love that album, hell, the production on it, as well as a lot of the songs, are better constructed than the ones on Lost & Found, and I could break it down even more so if you want.
  13. In DMX's new single "We In Here", he says a line in the last verse that sounds like "That potna sh!t was kinda hot [Not!], How you gon' jack Will Smith for a beat?! That's like trying to jack me from the streets, it aint happenin'! Anyone knows who he's refering to? I know about the Potnas track from Willenium [assuming thats what he said], but I dont recall anyone in recent memory using a similar beat.
  14. Iono, I always liked I Can't Stop - although the hook has him stretching a bit, the track overall isn't bad.
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