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  1. I hope that the films Ironman and Wolverine are actually true.
  2. I think the great thing is that his career has spanned such a long time that 2 or more generations will remember him for diffrent things. I myself will always think of "Nightmare" or "Girls Aint Nothin but Trouble" but someone a little younger will say "Summertime" then teenagers will go to "MIB" and Jiggy. Thats why he is the greatest of all times.
  3. I know what you mean. most people only know "Parents Just Dont Understand" along with a few other storytelling songs of his and totally disrespect him when they have never heard JJ & FP go off House Party Style. :tantrum:
  4. dude, get involved on the forum and you'll be sorted! U have got to have a certain amount of forum posts before you can get acces to these songs ? Or what do you have to do ? Thnx for the info nah, it's not a certain amount of posts - that wouldn't work because people would just go crazy posting rubbish to get to the required number of posts... just stick around for a while and become an active member... Will someone tell us when that is?
  5. Do you know how to get it. I have it on tape but I want it on CD or MP3.Besides my copy isnt the original, its on a mixed tape.
  6. I woud have to say "Time To Chill" because I'm a laid back type of guy.
  7. How many times you listened to Code Red? Just Party Tracks? What is Twinkle Twinkle(I'm not a star) Shadow Dreams Aint No Place Like Home Just Kickin It Cant Wait To Be With You?? I think it is one of the best party rap albums ..scratch that I think its the best party rap album of all time.. BUT its brilliance is that you can throw it on at a party but it has an equal amount of deep and solid tracks like the ones I just mentioned.. Twinkle Twinkle is one of jazzy jeff fresh prince's best tracks ever... I have listened to it a total of 12 times all the way through. You made my point for me about the party tracks. We will simply have to agree to disagree on this one. I started listening to rap in 81 and have seen his career since the start. Back in 87' everything they were doing was cutting edge. Someone mentioned that the lyrics were simple. Not if you put them in context of what was out at the time. Other then Rakim most rap songs didnt have as many lyrics as what you see now-a-days. Listen to Run DMC sometime and LL's Radio CD those were simple lyrics. Some of the combinations were magic and he flowed like few did or do these days. Code Red to me seemed thrown together at the last minute but thats only my opinion. I'm glad to see that so many liked it. Thats the greatness about JJ & FP they created music for themselves and if others liked it cool. :thumbsup:
  8. Your good. OK how about the Halloween one where Will gets the Hex put on him. "Getchy,Getchy,Ya,Ya,Da,Da" That has to be one of my fav. besides Ep 12 "Knowledge Is Power" and Ep 22 "72 Hours" and Ep 15 "Lucky Charm" when he see's Sparky and screams just kills me.
  9. I would have to say all the time because I put them on when I clean and have them playin in the background. Not to mention my 15 month old son LOVES the theme song. I get a big kick out of watching him dance to it.
  10. Wow just call me Grand Dad. I'm 32 and have followed them since Rock the House.
  11. He's a much better rapper. But, he has never let me down at the box office either. So I always refer to him as my fav entertainer. Because from CD's to TV's, to movie's back to rthymin his life stats makes Jordan's 6 rings seem common. Not to mention he called his shot in "Here We Go Again" "We went to the studio and then we made a video We didn't make a movie though, maybe the next year or so" Either way the man has skillz. :mygod:
  12. OK I'll sound like a moron. What the bloody hell is an A & R? :daveuidiot:
  13. "Look, it's simple, just admit it Jeff is the deffest, you wanted a battle, forget it You're a fool, you're slippin, you're looney, you're crazy No ifs, no ands it be just your butt, baby The music is dope, don't fight it, just give in Hey yo Jeff, man, tell em why you did it (I made the beat hype, but still kinda smooth) And it's dope, right (For sure) Jazzy's Groove" The mixing is great and the track is movin. Not to mention using Rakim and PE will always help sway my vote. :jazzy:
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