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  1. well this is a good thi9ng incase everydvd doesn't coem out but i KNEW someone who bought something like this and the quality is fine except when the person tryed to cut out the commericals and stuff plus some episodes are missing so watch out this is a good thing but not so good if the actuall dvds come out
  2. thats a good summerization of all thoes and thanks for the clear up. what seasons where they from do you know?
  3. ^^^ hes got a point BUT when it coems to a chorse make sure its soemthing that will kcik youin the head when you listen to it make sure it kinda sums up the verses. and its bets to have a certain pattern like rhyme 1/2 words repetivly dont switch up so its more catchy. hope diz helps
  4. yeh so true raps gon down the drain now im back like will "born ta reighn" people gon regonize or blow up findin im on the block hustlin straight damn grindin people know i got flow so the stick wit the track cause homie u got mine then i got cho back. cause u can work 9 ta 5 an styll aint got jack im straight wit da lyrics like im on the mic testin cause when i spit wit quick lick straight damn lessons so study the flow go home an learn exceptions cuz im sick on tha mic like a yeist infection
  5. they both go with the movei look the covers an check wils clothes haha
  6. thats good to hear man Good job on that man
  7. only person here that has a sig i dont understand
  8. damn that sucks man hopefully they all do good. i want them all
  9. ight man sorry bout all that its just im not used to not using slang i use it all the time man my bad from now on ill tyr my best dawg. thx homie im not english either im 2/4ths columbian 1/4th jamacin 1/4 white haha so its all good though thanks G
  10. just finished watchign my 1st season one cant wait for this **** does neone know when abouts the next ones MIGTH come
  11. mines the papas got a brand(one when wills dads bak) wut a dumb ass father i swear to god buh ye i had sum in eye my friend jermiane raps an he has a song that in it he says " i do what i do an the less that i can/ an just because i cry doesn't make me less of a man/" any man that doesnt cry is a FAKE to be real u need emotions an if u don't cry that means ur fallowing a sterotype an u TRYING to be gangsta guys do cry gangsta do cry TRSU ME
  12. yeh i use adobe audition good pg an works well with all the effects an shyt
  13. yoh lets do it mah word yall do verses ill put em togather an work on the graphics an then ill post it up here contact me if u up to it yoh pm me man an yoh listen im a graphics man as u can prob tell by my sigs an i can do the cd cover an shyt if u guys find a title your best bet when it comes to this is to make a thred asking about song titles and ideads then pick the best ones once u got thoes then go on to ask people who wants to hit up which song your best bet is to have 3 people a song so its not crowed then 1 on the hook. then you need a title that somes up all the songs an that where i come in and do the graphics im from a miny lable called One Wing Productions we rap/produce/sing/do graphics an things like that ill do the cover then with the title and song names. alright Hit me up
  14. downloaded it now ill holla Edit: damn its good to see her bak yoh she still beautiful she need get on a song wit me in it dat be fresh
  15. ok heres how it goes 1 person spits till he wants to stop then the other person continues from there with the first line rhymeing with a first persons last line ill start gimmie a mic a pad-an-a-pen, im at it again, masturbation Uh, just a habit-of-men, happen-ta-win gimmie a fukin heart attack spit shyt wit a harder rap ****s lit like ya daughtaz crack aint stopin till i see a fukin platinum plaque a "True story" finn ta make terror squad "lean back" cause im Fresh-ta-def from my flows ta my clothes got mo hoes den gates got dough...........
  16. haha i wuz juss fukin round buh newayz lost is being so caught up you forget who you are found is when your words go over the bar jsut to get you far, livin a hell of a struggle its liek uz a clown buh dont know how to juggle switch **** over to how it was back then an you think about **** that used to happen cause lost&found is what the world is at times dat why des lins contempting the minds
  17. ncie thanks all and to tell u i actually bought this album i didnt download i dont really check booklets of nethang an if u listen to the songs it sounds like nates on them sry for the confusing all jus wanted to share my opnion yall buh yeah will has stepped up alot on this imma be buying it for my girl too she wants one after i was blaring it in my basment wen she wuz ova ya kno but thx yall hope u liked it
  18. " damn baby if i stand like this an look at ya ass my leg gets an erecton"
  19. Dont like it at all wil has no spanish feeling like the beat in my opnion it sucks no hatin jus truth dont liek it at alll cant stand it i didnt listen more den 5 min NO OFFENCE just tellin ya da truth member when ya doin ya shyt people gon hate sry man buh truth hurts
  20. this my sitw wit shyt ive done like my Sigs my Wall papers and 3 of my songs tell me wha u think has no layout yet tho so it jus folders wit the files ur free to use the sigs if u tell me what ur using http://www.free-webster.com/users/g-man/ holla at me ONE WING PRODUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!! we a group of people doin Gfx Raping an shyt all arround if u wanna join holla at me wit ya skillz an shyt if u want em to make u a sig tell em what of an what to put on it an ill do it for FREE holla at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. ill rap to this an post it as soon an i have time
  22. well mah name is Brian im a 14 year old rapper from l-dot Ont. tryna put canada on the map. we got so many artists out here that arent given a chance. i also produce and make graphics BTW if neone wants a sig ill amke u one holla at me..... umm my fav artists are royce 5'9, will smith, joe budden. my music is rap/rnb fav shows are dave chapelle freshprince of bel air and family guy holla
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