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  1. cut out the "signing off .." at the end an go straight to the chorus and you got yaself a FUQ offical
  2. whoa damn man this is actually the best remix to diamons beat i've heard it has the PERFECT feel and everything G and im being serious if u chekc all my negative critism then youll know i dont like much stuff but this right here is hott try taking out kaynes chrous and replasing it with an acapella of maryj blige singing somethign that sort of represent this song man cause it would sound sick man GJ on this i give you major props
  3. great start on bottom and work they way up letz go will!
  4. to tell u da truth i do rap and remix as soon as i find a good Ftp server for under 30$ imma start uploading im with my own company One Wing productions homie an yoh my feedback may be harsh but im telling the truth it takes alot of work to get really good im not saying im "perfect" or anywhere near that of artist currently at the top but what im saying is ya'll needa step up listen most people everywhere have almost tottally tuned willsmith and jazzy jeff out so im tryna help out i've post this like at every site i've been at and currently i dont join at willsmith.com because that site is gay in my opnion well the forum atleast nobody actually has conversations or real shyt to say people are on for like 5-10 min they they bounce so i gave up on taht shyt... but if it makes you any happier i will stop posting helpfull "feedback"... but to me negative critism is just a reason to continue doing your thing and get better if you always getting good feedback it means people feel sorry for you.... all im saying is step it up and to tell you the truth i dont know how any one on this site promoted Jazz by not even posting on his forum i mean the same posts have been up for like 3-10 dayz nice support Nuff said.... listen im juss tryna be helpful because i know how hard it is alright holla back man...!
  5. igh man no doubt G good job so far try mixing different stuff tho soem of them onpoint man GJ
  6. well the i guess its a good idea that we dont have any rules on posts being in thw erong spot
  7. some of them are o.k. but soem don't fit at all man keep work G good work
  8. i like the one Burning down the house haha its jokez
  9. yeah wills got a good chance at stuff buh i think he really wants people to laugh dats just what he does. he is a good overall actor though
  10. thats so true man you deserve a thumbs up for that :2thumbs: haha
  11. lost is when you have nothing left found is like mouth to mouth catching your breath
  12. yoh i know you guys are doing a GREAT job on this website :2thumbs: but i think some changes should be made No offence keep the existing forums But make some new sections all the stuff is will and jazz related make some General comedy and things like that sections it will attract more people and people will have more fun also if your host ahs enough space try using the arcade mod and the cash mod it will encourage people to post more to get more money and stuff try it out i think you will be pleased expisally the Cashmod holla if u need help
  13. yeah dats So true rap is an art not a job you aint gotz ta be rapping bout who you've robbed ya'll gotta get it straight, let it cordinate an when the clouds is rain, let it more then hate beacause the technique you usein , is the reason you loosin an them beats you abusin, is more them Music if you take it from me im jin "I-Quit" and to tell you the truth i really don't give a s**t I'm so mad at people saying they all that repping where they at on they baseball caps i don't need it nomore i can't stand the pressure if guns was a subjet 50cent teach the lecture common whats wrong with this world letting innocent childern turn on other boys an girls i aint gon say no more cause im the truth you want sum real get me an bigted in teh booth //YA HEARD ME// yoh man good rhyme man me an u shud doo a audio dawg holla
  14. ok well i've ran many websites and im only 14 i also ran many forums and you right with the come ups in there but your best bet is to put this in as many link dumps as possible and look for free advertising on websites adn forums and shyt i will post this at all my forums im at. holla at me bro
  15. im juss sayin homie u need more work
  16. click there to go to the best website every yoh.... check it out ya know the Dj already so check it make sure you join up to the forums peace!! Also please support Dj Jazzy's Website by contacting me by Pm for a banner or a site button you know Jazzy Jeffs da man :dj: :2thumbs:
  17. ok well i liked the whole "theme" towards this the opening line is whack start with a date or something to describe the situation so people know where your comign from good job tho
  18. I like the "toxic like britney spears" lines everything else need to be rearanged your kinda all over the place when you rap. 1. if this is yfor fun keep doing what your doing 2. if your serious then this is a scrap NO OFFENCE keep doing your thing
  19. don't like it no offence man the verses are HUGE keep it simple man. Also the chorus sucks no offence. and you take too long clam your lines down you need shorter stuff. and when you do punchlines an metas make sure they hit the reader in the face man "My flows are so cold when I diss you. Ur chilly" thats basic please tell me this is your first time. well i dont want you to take any offence towards this but thats my opnion work on it man. get a pattern and stick with it i got bored reading that homie.. Keep it up you got potential dont get me wrong u need work thought.
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