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  1. man that is lucky MY luck has't been to good because of what i do down here people really hate you know. The Friends i do have are always here but the way it used to be it seemed that i was by my self you know.
  2. yeah man can't you tell evern her Sig is in blue haha
  3. ok well i did 2 different yet sort of similar sigs for you to check befor i do the banners #1..... #2 lemme know if you still want the banners and i will do thoes aswell also let me know roughly the size of the banners you want and colours as well as pictures
  4. naw i wouldn't want it either unless i could control what ones they see if possible
  5. naw man i was talkign to some mods and they said that i have to stop direspecting peoples stuff and swearing and stuff so i decided to let ya'll see how bad it is so people ahve a chance to get at me
  6. yeh i hate when Djs do that too I think its because they want you to get hyped for the album version.
  7. alright man u mean red and black BG right? and with the will pic do u want it blended into limuniosity? (blended to BG) EDIT: Also any specific pics you want?
  8. yeah the album is hot he deserves his respect for thing no doubt
  9. yeah i will out of curisoty what do you want on the banner/sig man so i know more specifics
  10. yeah i see what ya'll mean and frentic sorry about you pops man
  11. i will i promise gimmie a lil bit cuz i gotta have a shower first juss got in from work im exhausted its about 35 degrese ova here
  12. ok well I've been really bored latly and i was wondering if anybody wants me to make them a Signature if you do post: 1.colours in teh sig 2. pictures that you want ok and ill will do it for free and give it to you
  13. yeah jumpinjack is smart not letting people get to close trust me its the stupidest mistake you can ever make i made that mistake now i just chill and stuff and don't let people be like so close to me anymore.
  14. yeah i used to think it was cool to be gangster probally from all the FAKE rappers around you know and also my uncle was with the outlaws but yeah i used to think it was cool i admit it was stupid thought by th way do we have a section for like poems or should i post them in numero uno?
  15. yeah i had a friend who was averaging 91 this year at the beginning then he started to sell and he ended up doing 8 months yeah the first one i posted was juss an old song when i though it was coo to be gangster
  16. alright man damn i got really confused like will on the episode how i spent my summer vacation take off the hat putt he hat on ... haha
  17. yeah where i live its so hot outside you don't wanna go outside plus they have taken the schools basketball nets down which really sucks
  18. yeah haha its a sick song though wills really stepped up
  19. it is i ended up having to do community service because it was a first offence and i haven't heard from him sience now my parents have NO trust in me at all
  20. yeah think about it approximatly 20 minutes an episode would make the dvd like 5 hours or something close to that thats a lot of tv
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