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  1. damn girl you got some skill keep doing your thing do you have a microphone?
  2. I don't know kanye is alright roduction wise he got skill
  3. sorry man haha^^ i new still so thanks
  4. alright amn so if i stay i can be in right :pleasexplain: haha
  5. haha OOPS my bad hahaha an yeah your right eminem had it on his 1st 2 actually besides his singles
  6. yeah jin was really good i can't belive he only got 100 000 but he didnt have promotion or nethang did he?
  7. I heard that was just for publicity
  8. yeah true if i knew Ali personally then i could tell but haha yeah right
  9. yeah it didn't go very well cause it would ahve been better to leave it at that as you were saying Funky.Fresh
  10. nice list man had alot of people in there man good list
  11. yoh we could talk about like the state of hiphop and get each of our opnions and have like interviews i could do it i interview people all the time for my One Wing Productions setup Edit: Ii got skype i'm Fresh-Ta-Def lol :2thumbs:
  12. I'll get in man no doubt i have 3 microphones up to my computer haha just holla at me with what you want me to do
  13. yeah hopefully will deserves Respect for this album Edit: like royce da 5'9 said "look at howw many originated this **** look at how many of them broke" even though will isn't broke its sort of a metaphor towards the respect people owe to willsmith
  14. man they did a good job making the video as close as they could
  15. thats excatly how i feel haha i liked it at first then it got kind of weird with the voices and the egyptian stuff
  16. post who you think makes Real Hiphop thats in the game right now.. mine are 1.Will smith of course 2. Royce5'9 only when hes not raping bout guns and stuff check the album (Death Is Certain) 3.Common 4. Kayne-Sometimes can't really think of any others right now
  17. yeah thanks all of you if you guys need a sig talk to me and ill make it for you, and Vipa Sure i'll help you out man EDIT: uppin Hero1 check em
  18. Nick cannon can i live im watchin the video again
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