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  1. ill sell u both the ll cool j cds for 10+ 3$ shipping and ill throw in free jlo cd
  2. i haven't seen this movie either i want toso i mine aswell check it from my local blockbuster soon
  3. any girls??? i dont care for guys lol
  4. lol in a way it does because its part of the album right???? but anyways i listened to it fully through 2 times when i was driving back from warwick!
  5. EVERYTHING MUST GO i ened to make money quickly!!! help me out and ill help you by maming good deals!!! Let me know if you want to Trade/Buy and well make an arrangement!!!! if you want a picture of something to see excatly what it looks like let me know!! CDs are in practically perfect condition.... lemme know before i put these on my website and in ads albums 50cent---The Massacre Classified---Boy-Cott-In The Industry Eminem---Encore The Game---The Documentary + DVD 50cent--Get Rich Or Die Trying Jay Z---The Black Album Obie Trice---Cheers Fabolous---Ghetto Fabolous 2Pac---Loyal To The Game D12---Devils Night D12--- D12 World Styles P----Gangsta And A Gentelman Lloyd Banks--- Hunger For More 50Cent---Guess Whos Back Mase----Welcome Back Jay Z- The Life And Times Of Shawn Carter Nelly----NellyVille LL Cool J----The G.O.A.T. Juvenile----Solja Rags Linkin Park----Hybird Theroy Nas----Nastradamus LL Cool J---Mr.Smith Nas-----It Was Written Dj Clue-----Clue Presents BACKSTAGE Mixtape Snoop Dogg----Paid The Cost To Be The Boss Snoop Dogg----Doggy Style 2Pac----- Nu Mixx Klazzies Eminem------The Eminem Show Eminem------- The Marshal Mathers LP Eminem------ Slim Shady LP 8Mile------ The Soundtrack The Wash---The Soundtrack D12----**** On You CD Single 2Pac-----Ressurection Ludacris-----Chicken And Beer Royce Da 5'9-----Death Is Certain Royce Da 5'9----- Offical MIC Mixtape Joe Budden----Joe Budden G-Unit----- Beg For Mercy Mobb Deep---- Amerikaz Nightmear Kayne West----- Collage Dropout Nelly----- Sweat Young Gunz---- Tough Luv Jadakiss-----Kiss Of Death Big Tymers--- Big Money Heavy Weigths Twista---- Kamikaze Young Buck----- Straight Outta Cashville Lil John---- Crunk Juice Dmx----Grand Champ Ja Rule---- The Last Temptation Linkin Park---Meteora Dr Dre----Chronic 2001 Limp Bizket---Cholate Starfish And The Hott Dogg Flavoured Water Limp Bizket---- Significant Other Mucley Boys- In Another Life Time Back Street Boys- BackStreets- Back Casettes: BackStreet Boys- Black and Blue BackStreet Boys- BackStreets Back BackStreet Boys- Mellinum BackStreet Boys- Back Street Boys Back Street Boys- Rare Tracks Madonna- Like A Virgin Clothes: Converse-XL-pants-(Brown) Iverson-Jersey-2XL-(Red+White) Dickies-Jeans-36" Shaq- Shorts+Jersey-(Black+Gold) Games: Need For Speed UnderGround 2 God Of War Grand Theft Auto San Andreas NBA Street 3 Dragon Ball Z Boudikai 3- SPECIAL EDITION-(toy+dvd) Simpsons Hit And Run DVD's: Scary Movie 3 8 Mile Boyz In The Hood Dave Chapelle Season 2 + (With Bonus Disk) Eminem All Access Europe Leauge Of Extrodinary Gentlemen Love Don't Cost A Thing Magizines: XXL- Game And Snoop XXL- Dr. Dre 50cent Eminem XXL- Fat Joe XXL- Eminem XXL- Dame Dash + Camron XXL- Eminem XXL- G-Unit XXL- 50Cent + Tony Yayo XXL- 50Cent Tips and Tricks mag for PS2 XBOX GAME CUBE PLAYSTATION DREAMCAST Jewelry: 36" Chain with Cross Earring 12mm Square Watch Geneva Accesories: Durags-(White-Black-Dark Blue) Detroit Pistons Hat- 1size Fits All Wrist Bands - (Red+White+Black) HeadBands- (White+Red+Black) + (Blue)
  6. stupid interscope will doesn't really have a choice at when its released though... i was looking at interviews or Mobb Deep the guy was askign why it was taking so long to come out and they said their not a top priortie when it comes to the lable and that the only way to get it out sooner is to bootlegg and or leak it.... so interscope sucks balls and should egt that damn thing out!!! stop messing with 50cents DVD massacre bull crap, and release party starter
  7. nice lyrics cant wait for audio man good job
  8. yeh i heard that with the acapella and the song if you listen to the song u can hear voices everywhere... its probally what adds the crunk feeling
  9. october 7th 2004???? why we styll saying happy b-day??? oh well happy day along time ago
  10. damn people need to grow up, funny thing is hes writing gangsta lyrics and yet hes in school????
  11. dman i screwed up on my first play my comp froze and it says i played 2 times that sucks
  12. well you def. need to work on somethings homie but keep it up nobody got where they are by giving up
  13. i heard a long time ago that Jay-z had an album coming out on Aftermath records. it was all over the aftermathmusic.com message board they even have their own forum for it... inform me please
  14. damn Go Will haha half thoes people got it right... wills an OG in phili i wouldn't doubt it..
  15. ok well i was thinking everyone has been saying that wills acting in the Dad episode ("papas got a brand") was his best acting towards his character in fresh prince of bel air. soo lets see what episodes yall think the other actors played their parts best in.... vivan uncle phill hilary carlton jazz Will Ashley and Jeffery
  16. well we don't know yet, it could help or not ill wait and see.
  17. haha gangster and educational! buh yeah i see where u comin from with that "m" stuff
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