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  1. requests@1069fm.ca thats the e-mail request for 106.9fm they judge #1-10 by number of Requests so GET REQUESTING
  2. oops thankd Reborn yeah Justice paypal is secure and easy plus its free!
  3. the album was a disapointment when i heard it the first time... i eventually began to like it a little. its a 35/65 album only a couple tracks were over average
  4. yesh wills got a lable but yoh tim do you know the offical site of overbook i searched on google and nothing lol...
  5. damn straight and hero1 try checking around the internet for 106.9fm
  6. ok well on the talkshow i was at today we were talking alot about hiphop and movies. he asked me who my favourite was and i said Will Smith :dope: well anyways we spent most of the time talking about will in movies music etc... then at the end he asked me if i had to make any shoutouts! or say any plugs... so i said " Look out for will smiths new single party starter... cop that album its great... also i would like to shoutout the Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince Fan Club at www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com be there or be square" then the guy i did the interview with was like talking about how he watched every freshprince i was lauging..... well thought i'd let you guys know!!! :dope: :rockon: :wickedwisdom: :2thumbs:
  7. damn i sall this movie yesterday.. it was funny as hell.... did any of you see it.. if not i recomend it! its great! Sweet thang haha.... Peace :dope:
  8. the Cash for Action doesn't ask for a credit card.... and works welll for me.. i would egt my birthcertificate but i have to pay money to get that and my social incurance card... id still have to have money and noplace in canada hires 14 year olds even the mcdonalds say 15...
  9. first of all do you have pay pal thats the question homie... or you can always send a money order. for price i was looking on Ebay.ca and the cheapest they had was $46.04 and it was 37.00 for the psp.... so with thoes being both over 30 ill sell it to you fro $30 +shipand handle plus ill throw in any cd you want for an extra 5$ optional
  10. man ya'll over there in H-town got it really easy to impress man, come to london some time girls trip thoes tips are straigh up depending on the girl..... by the way having all that music isn't nessacary if ya wit cha girl and u wanna impress TALK TO HER!!!!! don't friggen put on music in their eyes its either a way to push that part away, or you tryna suduce them.. sometimes its a good way to interact ya'll can sing togather haha but anyways on a first date you should really try to find something you both like to talk about so it gives a strong feeling in the relationship.... i know girls say that ebing tooo nice makes you seem desperate but that aint nessacarily true, try it a couple of times throw some compliments and eurrthnag in there see how she responds.... dont use compliments like "your hot" "i like your hair" and that type of crap, i mean its a compliments but ROMANCE is what relationships are about use some smooth moves like "your beautiful" , and anything poetic think shakespear "i love the way your eyes glisten in the star light".... see it leaves them thinking damn... when talkign dont ask about their family and who they know, NOONE CARES! maby throw in one life question or two here and there, but no family crap unless it turns out one of them are sick, or dieing then show all the support you can... also try and throw in punchlines here and there make a laugh!!! and when playing games dont let them win TEACH! because they know if they can't play and they know if you let them win... i've been with many girls in my life and im only 14 ill get pics soon and post em up
  11. i think he wuz just doing what he does best. and getting things off his chest, more personal
  12. yoh reborn it aint spam it works trust me if u dont belive me try it out read 1 e-mail then request a payout and you'll get themoney. and to tell you the truth yes im trying to get referals....only because i need money if you know why then you'd understand homie...
  13. i need some will smith acapellas thanks! :dope:
  14. yeah def. they need more serious ones damn FBOPA is the best series ever
  16. i know its actually one of the only ways i can make money though, i have no social inscurence card, no birthcertificate no nothing!! so i can't technically work... thats why im trying to sell my stuff in the other thread!!
  17. damn that episode was really emotional i couldn't belive carlton actually had that gun at the end damn.... it makes me remember when i saved my brother and me from almost getting stabbed coming back from 7-11... well just wanted to say that was a good episode
  18. well i've made money from this its how i've bought most of my willsmith cds i have made over 20 its not fake i got paid trust me i have tried others aswell like surfjunky and others that are fake and this one is definatly real. i wouldnt lie to yall
  19. i cant see the picture!!!! and i like will because of a thousand reasons
  20. Wanna make money??? its free to sign up I'm doing it right now!!!! please signup if you need help on what to do then let em know! SIGN UP HERE FREE MONEY TO READ E_MAILS INFO Hello, Friend! As you may have noticed, there have been a lot of new Paid-Email companies popping up all over the Internet. Though I'm sure these are all fine companies, I would like to point out a new one that does things just a bit differently. The name of the site is CashForAction.com and I would appreciate it if you would sign up with them using my link: MAKE MONEY CashForAction.com has minimum payment Limit of 10 cents only so we will be paid month for all the actions we take at their site. Not only will you get paid for the emails you read, but you will also get paid for the emails that your direct and indirect referrals read. They have Five Levels of Referral commission. CashForAction.com offers advertisement options to fit any advertiser's budget. The more advertisers they can satisfy, the more emails we get, the more money we make! They have a great option called Premier Membership. With that you will receive guaranteed referrals for life, and even have a chance of winning cash prizes and free advertising at their site. If you've become weary signing up for all the new Paid-Email sites, get up the strength to join just one more. We'll both be glad Free Money
  21. well first i9 need money because my parents wont pay for supplies for me anymore i.e. (food, and or clothes, and or school stuff) and school starts in a couple of weeks and i have no job. also i need money for my perscribed pills aswell.
  22. sounds good i gotta get in touch with both of them then.... im going on a radio show tommrow i can ask them to play da brakes stuff yeah i used to hustle alot mostly clothes thought popin tags and stuff.. but then with all the bad stuff that happened in my lifed turned me more towards god insted of doing that ****. BTW what do you mean by the last question you asked homie??
  23. alright haha good idea il signuip again at WS board an stuff thanks man
  24. What are your favorite clothing & shoe lines? Clothing-sean john shoes rbk are you interested "exclusive" fashion (eg Gucci, Prada)? yes can't afford it though Do you buy music online? no Are you interested in buying music albums online? yes Are you interested in buying DVDs albums online? yes Are you interested in downloading music online? no Do you play video games? If, so what type of games? yes, action What are your fav artists and actors/actresses? Will smith, ice cube are you interested in travel information online? no are you interested in viewing pics of celebrities online? depends are you interested in making your own music with help of loops and more? yes Are you interested in playing for money online? yes Are you interested in mixtapes? yes are you interested in dating online? depends what do you usually check on the web? JJFP.com and my e-mails
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