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  1. yeah i have no clue about stores that'll buy them
  2. yeah it would definatly get the hype up good luck im getting tired of waiting
  3. i havent heard the lil john remix can sumone up it for me plz
  4. damn i hate the hour thing with rapid share thanks man
  5. yeah Phil your right they both did very well in the dad episode. i havent seen the episode where will got shot yet!!!! which sucks because i've seen everyother one
  6. nicky has braids???? and by the way what u did to hilary was wrg haha shes beautiful how u gon compare her to a guy
  7. yeah i need to get Willenium bad i lost my copy if any of you have it lemme know ill trade u 2 of my cds for it
  8. ok thanks Funky and justice all you do is send me the money either paypal or in moneyorder or something thats suitable for you.... and then i send you the item you wanted lemme know homie im watching Ladies man right now sorry if i take long time to reply
  9. so it has the front book inscert and the cd right?
  10. alright man im down for anything i need money BADDDDD trust me im not lieing!! thanks so much lemme know when u figure out
  11. yeah im not lieing guys i need money badly sorry for prices!!! if you buy ill throw in 1 free
  12. BY the way if anybody has any Will Smith/Jazzy Jeff cds they would trade im willing to give a good deal and bargin for them.... 3cd for 1 will/jazz
  13. i wont regret it i need money bad right now... so yeah... im not sure of any store that gives good money other than a pawn shop illcheck
  14. lemme go to the store tommrow and see shipping prices..
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